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Marco Maglionico

Assistant professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/02 Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology


Keywords: Water distribution system Sewer system Nature Based Solutions Mathematical modelling WSUD - Water Sensitive Urban Design

The research activity follows several topics in the hydraulic engineering sector, with particular emphasis on sewer and water distribution systems. The study of sewer systems, from a model point of view, is constantly supported by intense experimental activity aimed at understanding the phenomena both from the hydraulic and water quality point of view. The research also addresses to the protection of the urban areas, analyzing the behavior of the detention and retention basins and the "first rain" tanks. Particular attention is to sustainable urban drainage systems with experimental activities aimed at evaluating the hydrological effectiveness of green roofs and permeable pavements. The study of decision support systems is also deepening in order to define the priorities and frequencies of sewage collector inspections and the quantification of seepage and sewage losses. In the field of aqueduct, the activity is oriented towards the construction of algorithms able to analyze and predict pipe breaks.

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