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Luisa Dall'Acqua

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Area Formazione e Dottorato

Curriculum vitae


SECTOR A: Intelligence Analysis and High Technology in Safety/Security

  • (1st) PhD in Sociology of Juridical Institutions and Policies, on Analysis and Management of Decision-Making under Risk
  • Specializing Master 1st level (Post BSc) in Risk and Disaster Management

SECTOR B: Intelligence Analysis and Knowledge Technologies

  • (2nd) PhD in Psychological and Social Sciences with specialization on Knowledge Management - Instructional design and Technologies, Personal Hybrid Intelligent Learning Environment
  • Specializing Master 2nd level (post MSc) in Methods, Technologies and Applications for e-Learning
  • Master Degree (single-cycle program 4 years) in Philosophy. Thesis onCybernetic Rationality, Philosophy of Mind, and Society
  • Postgraduate Course in Assessment in Science Education,


  • Coding (specialized EIPASS course and EIPASS certification)
  • Information Security (specialized ECDL)
  • Cybercrimes: Criminology and Computer Crimes (specialized EIPASS course and EIPASS certification)
  • English course with a final evaluation C1 at a MIUR certified Institute
    TIE Gatehouse Awards Certification (International Test of Interactive English)

Numerous courses of excellence, professional updating, national and international, even in MOOC mode.


  • From 2017 REPRISE MIUR Register of Scientific Experts 1) for the dissemination of scientific culture 2) for competitive industrial research and social development
  • From 2012 IAENG - International Association of Engineers (for research in cognitive science and knowledge technologies) (Member No: 103485)
  • From 2020 SOCINT - Italian Society of Intelligence
  • Since 1990 Register of Teachers (Psychology, Philosophy, Technology of Communication)


    Command at Regionl Office for School (MIUR) - Coordinator of a Territorial Training Team for Digital Innovation


April 2021, Invited Professor for a Magistral Lecture, Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence, at “ITB STIKOM” University – Bali, Indonesia; HELP University - Kuala Lumpur, Malesia

2020-2021 Adjunct Professor, Pensiero Computazionale (II sem) - Soft Skills Engineering Dep., University of Bologna (Cesena Campus), Italy EU

2020-2021 Adjunct Professor, Potere, informazione e Intelligence nella politica Internazionale (II sem) - Second cycle degree programme (LM) in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs,University of Bologna (Forli Campus), Italy EU

2018/2019 - 2019/2020 Adjunct Professor, Intelligence and Political Decision Making (English Language) - Second cycle degree programme (LM) in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs, University of Bologna (Forli Campus), Italy EU

From 2012 to 2015 Visiting Researcher, Cultural Studies Department - University of Education - Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd- Germany

2012 (4 months) Academic Research External Collaborator, Cultural Studies Department - University of Education - Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd- Germany

2008/2009 Subject Matter Expert in Multimedia Techniques and Technologies - Didactic University of Macerata (ITA)

2007 Expert Professor in Research Methodology at the Multidisciplinary Specialization Course of the Psicopedagogical Medical Center (Montelparo AP)

From 1996 to 1998 Subject Matter Expert in Juridical Anthropology Department of Studies on Social Change, Legal Institutions and Communication - University of Macerata (ITA)

From 1991 to 1993 Subject Matter Expert in Sociology Department of Studies on Social Change, Legal Institutions and Communication - University of Macerata (ITA)

From 1991 to 1993 Subject Matter Expert in Juridical Sociology Department of Studies on Social Change, Legal Institutions and Communication - University of Macerata (ITA)

From 1990 to 1992 Assistant Professor -Anthropology and Anthropometry, Department of Kinesiology - ISEF - University of Urbino (IT)


2015/16 Expert Teacher in Leadership and e-Governance, Ministerial Course for Headmasters

2015/16 Expert Teacher in Educational Robotics Coding, Computational Thinking, School Digital Promoters Ministerial Course

2014 e-tutor, Data Scientist Enablement Roadmap course for managers, teachers, and professionals, Advance Center of Excellence - Modern Renaissance Corporation (Boston, USA)

2011 e-Tutor - Managing Innovation course MIC11 course for managers, academics, and professionals, for Managing Innovation (Boston, US), SubGroup of Innovation & Enterprise, Society of Boston (USA)

From 2007 to 2008 Expert teacher in Sociology, Communication Techniques courses of the European Social Fund


Since 1996 Teacher at Lyceums (Logic, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Communication Techniques)

From 2015 to date Digital School promoter, and trainer

From 2012 to 2015 Coordinator for School-Work alternate for Students - TCO Scientific Lyceum FM

From 2012 to date, Student Guidance Referent or Committee Member, and Administrator of Forum and Info - TCO Scientific Lyceum FM

2007/08 Responsible for IT Security - TCO Scientific Lyceum FM


  • 2016 to date Designer for the National Digital School Plan, PON and Erasmus plus projects
  • From 2016 to date Editor of Scientific Books for IGI Global Publisher, Pennsylvania

    2016 Project Team Member - Read On – eCLIL, “Passport to understanding” c/o Liceo Scientifico TCO, FM Italia

    2016 Project Team Member - ERASMUS PLUS KA2, "Social Innovation in Physics education: 3D immersive learning environment and integrated remote experimentation" (Italy, Spain, England). Team Leader: University of Camerino

    2014 – 2016 Project Team Member - NEW INTEGRATED FORMAL SCIENCE (NIFS) AND PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT FOR K-12 EDUCATION NKI – SONO Consortium for Educators and Scientists (NSCES) in collaboration with CK4BC – SBM – ITB (Indonesia – USA – Italy) (NKI=Nature Knowledge International work group (a.k.a Mobee) –SONO=Social Knowledge (a.k.a Live Editions Inc) – CK4BC-SBM-ITB=Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness- School of Business and Management – Bandung Institute of Technology

    2014-16 Project Team Member - ERASMUS PLUS KA2, “Monitoring and enhancement of Historical Urban Quarters to safeguard Europe’s culture and natural heritage” – (EHUQ). International collaborative project between Colleges and Universities: Germany-Italy

    2015 Project Team Leader - ERASMUS PLUS KA1 " build revenew and inspire innovation" International collaborative project between Colleges and Universities: Italy, Scotlnad, Germany - (approved, ranking 95/100)

    2012-2014 Project Team Member (projektmitarbeiterinnen) for Cultural Studies Department- University of Education - Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd- Germany:
    1) H2020 proposal "YOUNG" (2014) team leader Polland
    2) proposal "YAD" (2014) team leader Polland
    3) FP7 proposal "ECEC" (2013) team leader Polland
    4) Master IKU (2012)
    5) an edition of Integration by Education for Vocational, Technical and Business Schools Studies (2012)
    6) Summerschool in Fermo (Italy) (2012)
    7) German proposal " COST" (2012)

    2013-2014 CHIEF Scientist (CSO) SONO Research Team Live Editions Inc. El Dorado Hills California USA

    2012-14 Participant - COMENIUS COTTAS, Life Long Learning Program “Developing a Culture of Teacher Training at School”- Lifelong learning Program for teachers. International exchanges (partners: Germany, Austria, Iceland, Italy, Norway)

    2012 Project Team Member - FP7 "AITutor" EU Collaborative project (approved). Project Leader : Open University (Holland)

    1990 - 1992 Chairman - Co.Ri.SPES Research Team Sociological, Political, Economic, and Statistical Research


    2016 (invited) Research Proposal External Reviewer - Departmental Research Committee, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Research project of Prof. Eric Tsui

    2016-2018 External Expert Member - Evaluation Committee for Teaching Regional School Office USR Ancona-MIUR

    2012 (invited) Committee Member - "International Workshop on Collaboration and Intelligence in Blended Learning (CIBL 2012)" at the Knowledge Technology Week (KTW) (the premier platform for researchers and practitioners of Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technology in Malaysia)

    2011 (invited) Committee Member - "Workshop on Blended Learning in Higher Education and the Workplace: Tools, Practices & Experiences" (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Research and practical application) in the Artificial Intelligence Workshops (AIW) 2011

    Appointed several times as Chairman - State Exams Committees for the Higher Secondary School


    2021 Invited Debate Moderator - "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power" by Shoshana Zubov in: Hikma Summit of International Relations May 13-16, Bologna (ITA)

    2020 Invited Speaker - Baliwood International Conference (Bali, Indonesia)

    2014 speaker 19th Intl. Knowledge Management Tracks 6th October 2014, Jekpot, Mi (ITA)

    2013 Working Group-Academic panelist in the Knowledge Science Symposium, 4th-5th Sept 2013, Kent State University USA

    2011 New Digital Resources Workshop - description of the e-learning platform (for Academics and Students) at the University of Calabria (ITA)


    • 2015 Innovative Economy as a key to the 21st Century Advantage: Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) view (co-speakers Md Santo and Tuti Bidu Rahaio) at the AsiaEngage Conference 2014 (17 - 20 Nov, 2014 - ASEAN Forum
    • 2014 Needs and strategies of Knowledge Management in a multiagent environment: PENTHA Model view and analysis at the 19th National Forum of Knowledge Management Jekpot Forum , Milan
    • 2013 Human System Biology-based Knowledge Management (HSB_KM) as resources of Innovation factors within Entrepreneurship, (co-supervisor Md Santo) at The 5th Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IICIES 2013), Bandung, Indonesia 25 -27 June 2013
    • 2012 New interpretative paradigms to understand the unpredictability of the dynamics of learning in a complex multi-user knowledge environment, (co-supervisor Md Santo) at the International Workshop on Collaboration and Intelligence in Blended Learning (CIBL 2012), Sept. 3-4 2012, Kucking Sarawak, Malaysia
    • 2011 Base epistemologica e specifiche didattiche di un ambiente di apprendimento ibrido e dinamico at the Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana e-Learning SIeL. Reggio Emilia
    • 2010 Learning Path and Assessment in the PENTHA ID Model at the World Congress WCECS 2010, International Conference on Education and Information Technology, San Francisco
    • 2009 Key factors for an integrated multi-learner learning environment using the PENTHA ID Model at the 4th International LAMS Conference 2009: Opening Up Learning Design. (pp. 54-64). Dec.2009, Sydney: LAMS Foundation.
    • 2009 e-Student Management Relationship at the Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana e-Learning SIeL. Trento
    • 2009 An Artificial Intelligence Multi-Agent Based Adaptive Learning Environment at the European Congress EC-TEL 09 Fourth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, W8, "Learning Management Systems meet Adaptive Learning Environments
    • 2009A Model for an Adaptive e-Learning Environment) at the World Congress: World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (WCECS 2009) "Education and Information Technology" section
    • 2002 Qualità della Scuola, qualità della vita, at the Convegno Associazione Pedagogisti Italiani AS.PE.I, sezione marchigiana, Fermo


    • 2018 - EdMedia + Innovate Learning Conference 2018 - AACE
    • From 2016 to today - IGI Global International Publisher PA - USA
    • From 2015 to date - Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS, SSCI-indexed journal)
    • From 2013 to date - The International Journal of Economics, Commerce, and Management (IJCM) the United Kingdom
    • From 2012 to today - Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology (GJCST) (Peer reviewer on honorary base)
      From 2011 to today - The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), Athabasca University (Canada)


    • 2013 "Innovator of the Year" award by the US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society, Co-Winner, Eric Kmiec and SONO team.
    • 2011 "Innovator of the Year" award by the US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society
    • 2009-2011 MIUR funding for PhD
    • 1993-1996 PhD Scholarship MIUR


    • Cataloging Software (ManyBooks, eDoc Organizer, Libra, etc.)
    • e-Book Software (Caliber)
    • Graphic Software (CorelDraw, CorelPhotopaint, Xara, Flash)
    • eLearning Software and Workflow Engine (OLAT, Moodle, Docebo, ATutor, LAMS, etc.)
    • Intelligent Tutoring System (CTAT, SmartTutor, Knowledge Three, Role)
    • Conceptual Software (SMARTDraw, CMap, MindMapping, EdrawMindMap, etc.)
    • Statistic Software (SPSS)
    • Software to create web sites and portals (such as: Xoops, Drupal, Liferay, joomla, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc)
    • Personal Information Management Software (egroupware)
    • Coding for Didactics and Educational Robotics
    • Languages: HTML, UML, Programming for education (Scratch)

    • ITALIAN Mother Language
    • ENGLISH C1
    • FRENCH reading scientific texts

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