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Lucia Balduzzi

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/03 Methodologies of Teaching and Special Education

Curriculum vitae

Lucia Balduzzi BA (hons), PhD, Associate Professor in Didactics

Department of Educational Sciences, Bologna University, Italy


Her recent studies and publications focuses on the analysis of education policies at national and international level and on  the professional profile of practitioners working with children in conventional and unconventional pre-school services. Earlier researches explore the relation existing between languages, media and educational processes, and the field of body pedagogics.

The research guidelines concern the innovations that are currently occurring in the early childhood education and care sector at pedagogical, cultural, didactic and organisational level. The analysis, at policy level, aims to investigate the relations between institutions, educational policy and models for the delivery of childcare services. A particular attention is drawnto the analysis of these mutual interaction as they affect the pedagogical identity of the services in terms of educational methods adopted by the different childcare centers.

The theme is furthermore related to the one of practitioners professional identity, of their initial and in-service training. Moreover, this theme is closely connected to the question of welcoming new teachers into the childcare services, which appears to be particularly interesting to be examined nowadays because of the staff turnover. Another strand of the research examines how a new pedagogical culture could affect and guide policy making at local level.

The methodologies used in empirical research refer to qualitative data collection and analisys methods, as well as action research methologies for supporting ECEC staff professional development.