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Luca Zan

Full Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration and Accounting Studies


Strategic management 

The diffusion of managerial and economic discourse to non profit organisations

Management and accounting history

Management of Museums and Cultural Organisations

Strategic management: Critical revisiting of the evolution of strategy studies, with particular reference to: the SBU approach; strategic planning; and the issue of strategic change.

The diffusion of managerial and economic discourse to non profit organisations: After considering the controversial issue of the co-operative society, research interests have moved to non profit entities. Theoretical and empirical investigation have been coupled in analysing the evolution of managerial and accounting practices in trade unions and in other non profit organisations.

Management of Museums and Cultural Organisations: In recent years the research focus has further moved towards cultural organisations (museums in particular). The aim is to add a critical management understanding to the debate so far dominated by macro-economic and juridical approaches in strong conflict with the professionals culture (artist, musicians, museologist etc.).

My research mostly concerns Italian institutions, with a strong emphasis on field research (Archaeological Museum in Bologna, Pompeii, OPD, GAM, Italian Opera Hosues) or consultancy reports for public bodies (Milan and Venice local authority museums; Egyptian Museum in Turin). I also act within the National Project on Cultural Heritage by CNR: Coordinator of  research team on “The evolution of economic and managerial patterns for resources valorization and exploitation in museum organizations” within the National Project by CNR on Cultural Heritage). However, I also worked on international realities: a deep rooted research on the controversial changes occurring at the British Museum, since 1996; as part of a project by the Italian Foreigner Ministry on Xi'an (Shaanxi, 2002); as part of a project by the Italian Foreigner Ministry on the museums of Belgrade (2003); on the project of recovering the historical centre of Quito (2004).

Management and accounting history : The last topic is management and accounting history: on the one hand referring to the evolution of accounting thought, comparing different national traditions in accounting historiographies; on the other hand referring to the history of management accounting practices and managerialism (especially in pre-industrial settings, such the Venice Arsenal 16th century).

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