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Luca Zan


Department of Management

Academic discipline: SECS-P/07 Business Administration

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts

Curriculum vitae

2014           Seminario De Alta Dirección En Gestión Del Patrimonio Cultural, Buenos Aires, 8-12 Settembre 2104

Since 2012  Director of the Graduate degree on Management and Innovation of Cultural and Arts Organizations (GIOCA), University of Bologna.

Since 2012  Teaching assignment “Management and the Arts: the European Perspective” at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), Beijing, China.

April 2011  Teaching assignment “Management and the Arts: the European Perspective” at MA in Cultural Management, Bilgi University, Istanbul.

Since 2011  Teaching assignment on “Heritage, History and the Issue of Managing”, GIOCA, University of Bologna.

Since 2009  Responsible for the Italian part of the Double Degree on Arts Management between University of Bologna, GIOCA, and Carnegie Mellon University, MAM.

2009-10      PhD direct readings supervisor, on “Management and Business Ethics Before the Industrial Revolution”, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

2008-09 Visiting fellow at SOAS, Centre for Chinese Studies (October-December 2008; April-May 2009), and Princeton University, Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies (January-March 2009).

Since 2004 Visiting professor, Carnegie Mellon University, with a teaching assignment on “Management and the Arts: the European Perspective” (previously  “Managerial Rhetoric and Arts Organizations”), for the Master of Arts Management Programme.

Since 2002 Director of the post-graduate degree on Management and Innovation of Cultural and Arts Organizations, University of Bologna, with teaching assignment on “General management for arts organisations”

2001-03 Master in Print and Multimedia Editing at the University of Bologna (director Prof. U. Eco)

1998 Visiting Fellow, Warwick Business School (April-May)

Since 1995 Associate Professor and since 2000 Full Professor of Economia Aziendale, University of Bologna, Italy

1994/1997 Member of the Faculty of the Ernst & Young European Doctoral Colloquium in Accounting

Since 1992 EIASM Associate Scholar and since EIASM Professor (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management), Brussels

1983/95 Research Fellow and later Associate Professor of Economia Aziendale at the Department of Economia e Direzione Aziendale, University of Venice

Background, education & training

1992 Intensive Advanced Course on Management Accounting Research, EIASM, Madrid

1986 Visiting fellow at the Centre for Corporate Strategy and Change, University of Warwick, September-October

1982 Field Consulting Euroforum, professional training course of Price Waterhouse, Ashridge Management College, Berkhamsted, UK

1978/79 Master in Business Administration, S.D.A., Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

1977  Laurea (Italian University Degree) in Political Science, major in Economics, University of Bologna, Italy

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