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Ivano Pontoriero

Associate Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/18 Roman and Ancient Law


Keywords: Maritime loan; Roman Legal Science in the Severian Age; Libri ad edictum; Roman Foundations of European Law.

Analysis of the structural features of the maritime loan and the specialty profiles of the relevant discipline. The framing of the maritime loan in the Roman contractual system and the instruments of protection of credit claims. The maritime loan in the Justinian and Byzantine sources.

Reconstruction and commentary on Paul's libri ad edictum. The research activity pursues the aim of making possible a better knowledge of the jurist's scientific profile and the characteristics of his work. Critical review will be carried out on the previous attempts of palingenetic reconstruction, taking into account, in particular, the Ordo librorum iuris veteris in compilandis digestis observatus identified by Bluhme and subsequently revised by Krüger.

The study of the Roman tradition and of the rules transposed into the most recent projects for the standardization of European private law.