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Ilaria Braschi

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/13 Agricultural Chemistry

Short Bio

Associate professor of the University of Bologna in the sector of agricultural chemistry. Her research interests are focused on ecofriendly techiques to depollute soils, water and plant materials. Recently, she is involved in protocol definition to enhance the production of crops with zero-pesticide residue, in the abatement of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistance in animal manure (PSR-2018 Lombardia REFLUA) and in the removal of mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) from cellulose-based food packaging (Project Re-paper with patented technology funded by PoC Ateneo-2020, PoC Bando Vertis-2020, Poc MiSE-2020).

She is partner of several european (H2020 FoodE]; H2020-SFS-2019-2 WATERAGRI; PRIMA-H2020-2018 FIT4REUSE), national (PON-2017 Taranto) and regional research projects (PSR Emilia-Romagna-2019 REpHYT)

She collaborates with several local and foreign Universities and Research Centres.

Author of more then 50 publications on international journals and of books

Inventor of "Use of mesoporous silica" international patent extended to EU, USA and China.

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