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Maria Grazia De Angelis

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Chemical and Process Engineering


New paper published on CO2 sorption in MDEA solutions (in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh)

A new paper has just been published- in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh- on Fluid Phase Equilibria about the modeling of the reactive absorption of CO2 and H2S in methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) solutions. The work ...

Published on: January 12 2020

Call for Travel Grants for Melbourne EPSM SUMMER SCHOOL 2020 published!

At the following page you will find the call for application for the assignment on 2 grants to attend the Melbourne Summer School-part 2, in January 2020 [] : ...

Published on: November 08 2019

New paper published on Macromolecules in cooperation with MIT and Stanford University

New ladder polymers with methyl, ethyl, and isopropyl substituents that can form self-standing films are produced. The short alkyl substitution on CANAL ladder polymers significantly impacted gas-transport properties and their chain packing. Interestingly, a combination of methyl and isopropyl substituents ...

Published on: September 02 2019

Office hours of September

Office hours of September : Friday September 6th, 10 AM Friday September 20th, 10 AM From September 24th every Tuesday at 3 PM

Published on: September 01 2019

Ultimo ricevimento- Last office Hours of July

L'ultimo ricevimento studenti di Luglio  si svolgerà Martedì 23 Luglio alle ore 15 nel mio ufficio. I ricevimenti riprenderanno regolarmente al Martedì pomeriggio a Settembre The last appointment for students in July is Tuesday, July 23rd in my office at 3 PM. Next available dates will be in September ...

Published on: July 21 2019

Assenza 29 giugno-7 luglio / absence June 29th- July 7th

Sarò assente dal 29 giugno al 7 luglio compresi per un convegno. I will be out of office from June 29th to July 7th for a congress.  

Published on: June 23 2019


Ricevimenti di GIUGNO E LUGLIO 2019 (OFFICE HOURS JUNE AND JULY 2019) Giovedì 20 Giugno ore 15-17 (Thursday June 20th 3-5 pm) Martedì 25 Giugno ore 15-17 (Tuesday June 25th 3-5 PM) Lunedì 8 Luglio ore 15-17 (Monday July 8th 3-5 PM) Martedì 16 Luglio ore 15-17 (Tuesday July 16th ...

Published on: June 12 2019

New paper published on the Journal of Membrane Science

Check out our new paper about CO2/CH4 purification on the Journal of Membrane Science "Sorption of CO2 /CH4 mixtures in TZ-PIM, PIM-1 and PTMSP: Experimental data and NELF-model analysis of competitive sorption and selectivity in mixed gases" Materials studied are suitable for:  -CO2 capture, low ...

Published on: May 30 2019

Internship available at European Membrane Institute Twente (NL): Processing of natural gas by hollow fiber membranes

Processing of natural gas by hollow fiber membranes European Membrane Institute (EMI) (The Netherlands) is an organization within the Membrane Science and Technology research cluster of the University of Twente aiming at valorization of academic research. Our aim is to bring new potential membrane ...

Published on: May 26 2019

Presentation of the Internship program "Campus" by the company Cereal Docks

On Wednesday, June 5th from 11 AM to 1 PM in room TA 04 the company Cereal Docks will present the program named Campus to the students of the Chemical Engineering Master Programme. The program will recruit Master students for a research-based Industrial internship. This year, the Campus program will ...

Published on: May 20 2019

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