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Maria Grazia De Angelis

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering


Pubblicato un nuovo articolo su CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL

Il lavoro, in collaborazione con l'azienda MTR e l'università di Auckland, presenta per la prima volta dati di solubilità di miscele ternarie in membrane polimeriche. Enabling Experimental Characterization and Prediction of Ternary Mixed-Gas Sorption in Polymers: C2H6/CO2/CH4 in PIM-1 Autori: Eleonora ...

Published on: June 13 2021

Pubblicato un nuovo articolo sulla rivista Open Access "Membranes"

Un nuovo articolo sulla analisi delle proprietà di separazione di membrane composite è stato pubblicato in collaborazione con il CNR. Scaricalo gratis  

Published on: June 09 2021

New paper published on the "Journal of Membrane Science"

A new paper about the modeling of multicomponent effects during the separation of natural gas and biogas in Cellulose Acetate membranes, in collaboration with the University of Naples and the University of Melbourne. Download it for free for 50 days at ...

Published on: March 27 2021

Bilateral project approved with the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

The project will last 3 years and is aimed at funding the mobility between UniBo and Universidad Nacional del Sur. In collaboration with prof. Cristiana Boi and Silvia Barbosa. Development of E.Coli biosensors for Smart Packaging of meat products

Published on: March 18 2021


Starting from December 23, 2020, I will be on leave from UniBo to assume the role of Chair in Thermodynamics of Materials and Processes presso la University of Edinburgh, UK. The new coordinator of the Degree Program will be professor Ernesto Salzano  For the exam of Advanced Fluid Dynamics---> please ...

Published on: December 22 2020

Participation to EFCE SPOTLIGHT TALKS " Membranes for CO2 capture"

I am glad to inform you that on Thursday, December 3rd at 1: 30 PM I will give a webinar entitled "Membranes for CO2 capture: thermodynamic aspects" in the framework of the Spotlight Talks of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and in representation of the Working Party on Thermodynamics ...

Published on: November 03 2020

New paper about CO2/CH4 separation -in collaboration with UT Austin

It has just been published on the Journal Of Membrane Science a paper dealing with the experimental and modeling study of competitive sorption effects during CO2/CH4 separation in polymeric membranes. With application in natural and biogas separation and CO2 capture, the work is in collaboration with ...

Published on: August 05 2020

Project OPEN_MASK_LAB approved!

OPEN_MASK_LAB: a Virtual Open Lab for sharing face masks test design, analysis and calibration The project aims at sharing the knowledge gained by the group about sampling test methodologies for protective masks through the set-up of a virtual open lab. The project was approved and funded in the framework ...

Published on: May 25 2020

New article on Macromolecules about the simulation of the effect of CO2 on the micro and macro properties of a glassy polymer

New paper published, in collaborations with NTUA Athens, Greece, Molecular Simulations and Mechanistic Analysis of the Effect of CO2 Sorption on Thermodynamics, Structure, and Local Dynamics of Molten Atactic Polystyrene Authors: Eleonora Ricci, Niki Vergadou, Georgios G. Vogiatzis, Maria Grazia De ...

Published on: May 18 2020

Donate for our face mask test lab

You can donate from 10 euros to support the activity on face mask lab testing tps://  

Published on: April 15 2020

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