Foto del docente

Giuseppina Paola Viscardi

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: M-STO/06 History of Religions


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.



  • Figures of the divine: the myth of Danae and the metamorphosis of Zeus [CdS ARCO]
  • Athena glaucopide: analysis of the semantic field of an ancient epithet [CdS ARCO]
  • Votive fires in the pre-Roman Alps [CdS ARCO]
  • Olympics: at the origins of the festival celebration [CdS ARCO]
  • Ritualistic uses of bread as a cultural product [CdS ARCO]
  • The myth of Demeter from a gender perspective [CdS ARCO]
  • Cognitive anthropology and new sciences of religion [CdS ARCO]
  • Myths of origin [CdS ARCO]
  • Marija Gimbutas: "Before the patriarchate" [CdS ARCO]
  • Pagan monotheism [CdS ARCO]
  • The experience of the descent into hell: from the Homeric Nekya to the Virgilian catabasis [CdS STORIA]
  • The plague of Athens: therapy and divination [CdS ARCO]
  • Religion as a communication system: the sacrificial "case" [CdS ARCO
  • Gods of the storm, gods of fertility in a comparative key [CdS ARCO]
  • Necromancy [CdS HISTORY]
  • Pagan elements in the Gnostic doctrine [CdS CLASSIC LETTERS]
  • The Dances of Daedalos [CdS ARCO]
  • From Lupercalia to Krampus: the renewal celebrations between ancient Rome and modern tradition [CdS ARCO]
  • Bataille and the aesthetics of evil: the case of Baccanalia [CdS LETTERE]
  • Paths of the myth: Medea's "case" between Euripides, Pasolini and Christa Wolf [CdS LETTERE, Curriculum in European Literary Cultures]
  • The Fellowship of Isis. Mystery speeches between the ancient and the modern times [CdS ARCO]
  • The concept of time in Mircea Eliade: evidence in the Greek myth and rite [CdS ARCO]
  • The theater of Dionysus in ancient and late antiquity [Triennale di ARCO]
  • The knowledge of the witch: from the textile sorceresses to the first trials for witchcraft or on female "madness" [CdS ARCO]
  • Egyptian polytheism: Sacred spaces of dynastic Egypt [CdS ARCO]
  • Saving function of euphoria in folk dances: ancient origins, modern repercussions [CdS ARCO]



  • Logos and feminine: from the voice of the pythias to the song of the sirens [CdS ARCO]
  • Priestly knowledge, purification and sacred law in ancient Greece [CdS ARCO]
  • The mysteries of Samothrace: the origins of the cult [CdS LETTERE]
  • Italic reception of the cult of Mithra and possible Cilician origins [CdS STORIA]
  • Pythias, Sibyls, Sirens: female figures from other worlds in classicism [CdS ARCO]
  • Sleep and dream in ancient Greece [CdS ARCO]
  • The gods of Homer and the idea of destiny in the heroic epos and in the Greek theogonies [CdS LETTERE]
  • Demonic agency between medicine and magic in the ancient Egyptian religious system [CdS STORIA]
  • The Corpus Hermeticum and its Rinascimental heritage [CdS STORIA]




  •  The kleidouchos epithet - Teaching unit [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  •  Living statues and where to find them [ARCHEOLOGY]
  • The palingenetic function of fire between yesterday and today: bonfires at Segavecchia [ITALIANISTICS]
  • The religion of the Samnites in the Osca Table of Agnone [HISTORICAL SCIENCES]
  • Cosmogonic epics: a historical-comparative research between the Enuma Elis and the Theogony [HISTORICAL SCIENCES]
  • Between demons and djinn: philological and historical-religious analysis of a category of minor divinities [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  • The myth of Erigone, the rite of the swing and the Roman oscillatio [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  • The charisma of Dionysus in the late antique tradition [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]



  • Paradigms of sovereignty in ancient Greek and Norse narratives [HISTORICAL SCIENCES]
  • On the nymphs in the ancient world [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  • Historical-religious analysis of the religious context of the Persephoneion of Locri Epizefiri [HISTORICAL SCIENCES]
  • Papyri Magici Graeci: the rite of Systasis [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  • Processes of demonization of pagan divinities in early Christian writings: the case of the Bona Dea [PHILOLOGY AND CLASSICAL TRADITION]
  • The figure of Dionysus and the eastern monarchies [HISTORICAL SCIENCES]