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Giuseppe Fornasari

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry


BENITO MARTIN, Patricia; Bortolotti, Villiam; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vannini, Marianna, Evaluation of effect of soil organic matter on pores by 1H time-domain magnetic resonance relaxometry and adsorption-desorption of N2, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE», 2016, 67, pp. 314 - 323 [Scientific article]


P., Ho Hoang; M., Monti; E., Scavetta; D., Tonelli; E., Bernardi; L., Nobili; G., Fornasari; A., Vaccari; P., Benito, Reactions involved in the elctrodeposition of hydrotalcite-type compounds on FeCrAlloy foams and plates, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2016, 222, pp. 1335 - 1344 [Scientific article]

P. Benito; V. Dal Santo; V. De Grandi; M. Marelli; G. Fornasari; R. Psaro; A. Vaccari, Coprecipitation versus chemical vapour deposition to prepare Rh/Nibimetallic catalysts, «APPLIED CATALYSIS. B, ENVIRONMENTAL», 2015, 179, Article number: 0926.3373 , pp. 150 - 159 [Scientific article]

Benito Martin, P.; Monti, M.; De Nolf, W.; Nuyts, G.; Janssen, G.; Fornasari, G.; Scavetta, E.; Basile, F.; Janssens, F.; Ospitali, F.; Tonelli, D.; Vaccari, A., Improvement in the coating homogeneity in electrosynthesized Rh structured catalysts for the partial oxidation of methane, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2015, 246, pp. 154 - 164 [Scientific article]

Charlotte Parsland; Ann-Charlotte Larsson; Patricia Benito; Giuseppe Fornasari; Jan Brandin, Nickel-substituted bariumhexaaluminates as novel catalysts in steam reforming of tars, «FUEL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY», 2015, 140, pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Chieregato, Alessandro; Ochoa, Juliana Velasquez; Bandinelli, Claudia; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Cavani, Fabrizio; Mella, Massimo, On the chemistry of ethanol on basic oxides: Revising mechanisms and intermediates in the lebedev and guerbet reactions, «CHEMSUSCHEM», 2015, 8, pp. 377 - 388 [Scientific article]

Patricia Benito; Manuel Gregori; Sara Andreoli; Giuseppe Fornasari; Francesca Ospitali; Stefano Millefanti; Maria Sol Avil; Teresita F. Garetto; Stefania Albonetti, Pd-Cu interaction in Pd/Cu-MCM-41 catalysts: effect of silica source and metal content, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2015, 246, pp. 108 - 115 [Scientific article]

Benito Martin, P.; Nuyts, G.; Monti, M.; De Nolf, W.; Fornasari, G.; Janssens, K; Scavetta, E.; Vaccari, A., Stable Rh particles in hydrotalcite-derived catalysts coated onFeCrAlloy foams by electrosynthesis, «APPLIED CATALYSIS. B, ENVIRONMENTAL», 2015, 179, Article number: 0926-3373 , pp. 321 - 332 [Scientific article]Open Access

Pettiti, Ida; Gazzoli, Delia; Benito, Patricia; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Angelo, The reducibility of highly stable Ni-containing species in catalysts derived from hydrotalcite-type precursors, «RSC ADVANCES», 2015, 5, pp. 82282 - 82291 [Scientific article]

Ziosi, P.; Tabanelli, T.; Fornasari, G.; Cocchi, S.; Cavani, F.; Righi, P., Carbonates as reactants for the production of fine chemicals: The synthesis of 2-phenoxyethanol, «CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY», 2014, 4, pp. 4386 - 4395 [Scientific article]

M. Gregori; G. Fornasari; G. Marchionni; V. Tortelli; S. Millefanti; S. Albonetti, Hydrogen-assisted dechlorination of CF3OCFCl-CF2Cl to CF3OCF=CF2 over different metal supported catalysts, «APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL», 2014, 470, pp. 123 - 131 [Scientific article]

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P. Benito; W. De Nolf; G. Nuyts; M. Monti; G. Fornasari; F. Basile; K. Janssens; F. Ospitali; E. Scavetta; D. Tonelli; A. Vaccari, Role of coating-metallic support interaction in the properties of electrosynthesized Rh-based structured catalysts, «ACS CATALYSIS», 2014, 4, pp. 3779 - 3790 [Scientific article]

P. Benito; M. Gregori; S. Andreoli; G. Fornasari; S. Millefanti; F. Ospitali; S. Albonetti, Role of the preparation method on properties of Pd/Cu-MCM-41 hydrodechlorinating catalysts, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2014, 235, pp. 134 - 143 [Scientific article]

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