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Giuseppe Fornasari

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry


Benito, P.; Bortolotti, V.; Brown, R.J.S.; Brizi, L.; Fantazzini, P.; Fornasari, G.; Mariani, M.; Vannini, M., 1H Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Microporosity and Specific Surface Area of Soils from Remediation Sites, in: 12th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media, 2014, pp. 57 - 57 (atti di: 12th International Bologna Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media (MRPM-12), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 9-13 Febbraio 2014) [Poster]

M Monti; P Benito; F Basile; G Fornasari; M Gazzano; E Scavetta; D Tonelli; A Vaccari, Electrosynthesis of Ni/Al and Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxides on Ptand FeCrAlloy supports: Study and control of the pH near the electrode surface, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2013, 108, pp. 596 - 604 [Scientific article]

Patent n. 11306723.5-1270, Rhodium catalysts for ethanol reforming.

A Ballarini; P Benito; G Fornasari; O Scelza; A Vaccari, Role of the composition and preparation method in the activity of hydrotalcite-derived Ru catalysts in the catalytic partial oxidation of methane, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY», 2013, 38, pp. 15128 - 15139 [Scientific article]

Patent n. WO 079323 A1, Water gas shift catalyst operating at medium temperatures and a process for its preparation.

P. Benito; M. Monti; F. Basile; G. Fornasari; E. Scavetta; D. Tonelli; A. Vaccari, Coating of FeCrAlloy foam with Rh catalysts: Optimization of electrosynthesis parameters and catalyst composition, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2012, 197, pp. 162 - 169 [Scientific article]

BENITO MARTIN, P.; BASILE, F.; FORNASARI, G.; MONTI, M.; SCAVETTA, E.; TONELLI, D.; VACCARI, A., Electrosynthesized Structured Catalysts for H2 Production, in: New Strategies in Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis, WEIHEIM, WILEY-VCH, 2012, pp. 201 - 217 [Chapter or essay]


A. Ballarini; F. Basile; P. Benito; I. Bersani; G. Fornasari; S. de Miguel; S.C.P. Maina; J. Vilella; A. Vaccari; O.A. Scelza, Platinum supported on alkaline and alkaline earth metal-doped alumina as catalysts for dry reforming and partial oxidation of methane, «APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL», 2012, 433-434, pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

X. Meng; P. Benito; W. de Jong; F. Basile; A.H.M. Verkooijen; G. Fornasari; A. Vaccari, Steam–O2 Blown Circulating Fluidized-Bed (CFB) Biomass Gasification: Characterization of Different Residual Chars and Comparison of Their Gasification Behavior to Thermogravimetric (TG)-Derived Pyrolysis Chars, «ENERGY & FUELS», 2012, 26, pp. 722 - 739 [Scientific article]

Patent n. EP11153426.9, Bimetallic catalysts for the gas-phase hydrodechlorination of fluoroethers.

S. Albertazzi; F. Basile; D. Barbera; P. Benito; J. Brandin; J. Einvall; G. Fornasari; F. Trifirò; A. Vaccari, Deactivation of a Ni-based reforming catalyst during the upgrading of the producer gas, from simulated to real conditions, «TOPICS IN CATALYSIS», 2011, 54, pp. 746 - 754 [Scientific article]

Basile, F.; Benito Martin, P.; Fornasari, G.; Monti, M.; Scavetta, E.; Tonelli, D.; Vaccari, A., Electrochemical Preparation of Pd Seeds/Inorganic Multilayers on Structured Metallic Fibres, in: Membranes for Membrane Reactors, CHICHESTER, WILEY, 2011, pp. 409 - 418 [Chapter or essay]

F. Basile; I. Bersani; P. Del Gallo; S. Fiorilli; G. Fornasari; D. Gary; R. Morterra; B. Onida; A. Vaccari, In situ characterization of CO interacting with Rh nanoparticles obtained by calcination and reduction of hydrotalcite-type precursors, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPECTROSCOPY», 2011, 2011, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

F. Basile; S. Albertazzi; D. Barbera; P. Benito; J. Brandin; J. Einvall; G. Fornasari; F. Trifirò; A. Vaccari, Steam Reforming Of Hot Gas From Gasified Wood Types And Miscanthus Biomass, «BIOMASS & BIOENERGY», 2011, 35, pp. S116 - S122 [Scientific article]

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