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Giuseppe Fornasari

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry

Curriculum vitae

"Laurea" in Industrial Chemistry at University of Bologna (Italy), from 1987 to 1993 he is researcher in the Catalysis group of Eniricerche – San Donato Milanese (MI). From 1993 to 2002 he is researcher in the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Bologna, since 2002 Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Industrial Chemistry and Laboratory and Lecturer of Chemistry of Catalysis and Laboratory of Development and Management of Industrial Chemical Processes at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Bologna.

The whole research activity has been focused on the study of reactions and processes of actual or potential industrial application by means of heterogeneous catalysis. The activity has been focused on both the comprehension of the reaction mechanism on the catalyst surface and the development of the catalysts. The main research topics have been the following: selective catalytic oxidation and reforming of hydrocarbons in vapor phase, syngas conversion to hydrocarbons (paraffins and olefins), ammoximation of cyclohexanone and Beckmann rearrangment in vapor phase and storage/reduction of NOx, hydrodechlorination of chlorofluorocarbons, structured catalysts and methanation of CO2.

Author of over 100 publications, 25 patents and various comunications at international congresses.

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