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Giuliano Bettini

Full Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/03 Veterinary Pathology


Keywords: cancerogenesis tirosin kinase receptor mast cell tumor squamous cell carcinoma air pollution oncology animal pathology cytology chemotherapy immunohistochemistry

  1. The role of tyrosine kinase receptors in animal oncology
  2. Molecular cancerogenesis linked to pollution
  3. Histological prognosticators in animal oncology
  4. gastrointestinal pathology
  5. viral cancerogenesis

The role of tyrosine kinase receptors in animal oncology, particularly KIT, EGFR, PDGFR, VEGFR, ERB2, ALK in canine and feline mast cell tumors, GIST, and in lung, bladder, gastric, and nasal carcinoma

Molecular cancerogenesis linked to pollution.  The role of inhaled air dusts in lung carcinogenesis and diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of TTF1 and EGFR

Histological prognosticators in animal oncology. (a) Histological evaluation of surgical margins following the excision of malignant skin tumors in dogs and cats: wide surgery represents the best therapy for skin tumors, although hampered by local recurrences after incomplete removal. As the clinical assessment of tumor size rarely corresponds to its actual extension, the completeness of surgery can be effectively determined only by the histological evaluation of excision margins. (b) Cytological and histological grading of canine mast cell tumor

Gastrointestinal pathology. LPE/IBD and alimentary lymphoma in cats and dogs. Gastric helibacteriosis in dogs

Viral cancerogenesis. Equine sarcoid