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Francesca Tomasi

Associate Professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Academic discipline: M-STO/08 Archival Science, Bibliography and Librarianship

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Digital Humanities and Digital Knowledge

Curriculum vitae

Francesca Tomasi is Assistant Professor at the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies (University of Bologna). She has a degree in Preservation of cultural heritage (archive and libraries), a postgraduate in the school of Palaeography, Diplomatic and Archivist,  a specialization in Computer Science, a PhD in Italian Studies. Her main research interest covers the study of digital text representation, computational models for Web dissemination of textual documents and images and implementation in information systems. She teaches, from 2006, “Digital humanities”, “Archive and Computer” and “Multimedia production” at the Faculty of Italian Studies. She is member of: the scientific committee of the Italian Association on Digital Humanities (“Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale”);  the PhD in Digital Humanties for Medieval Studies; the Scientific Committee of the Research Center  on Classic Reception (“La permanenza del Classico”) University of Bologna; the Scientific Committee of the Center for Research on Multimedia (CRR-MM), University of Bologna; the Strategy Committee of Unibo Web Portal; the Program committee of IRCDL (Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries) and the Scientific Committee of the Leipzig School for Culture and Technology. She is also responsible for the digital humanities section of the magazine Griseldaonline and she's visiting researcher at DDH (Department of Digital Humanities) at King's College London. In 2013 she organized the international workshop DH-CASE 2013. "Collaborative Annotations in Shared Environment: metadata, vocabularies and techniques in the Digital Humanities" (Co-located with doceng '13). She join now the project "Authorship, variants, style: textual analysis between philology, linguistics, mathematics and computer science" under grant agreement FARB 2013. She participated in various conferences in digital humanities and published several contributions in the field, including the monographs: Metodologie informatiche e discipline umanistiche, Carocci, Roma 2008; D. Fiormonte, T. Numerico, F. Tomasi, L'umanista digitale, Il Mulino, Bologna 2010.

Academic profile

A.A.1996-1997: Degree in Preservation of Cultural Heritage (archives and libraries) - University of Bologna with honourable mention and dignity of press. Title: Computational objectives in literary texts critic and analysis. Some applications to Giovanni Sabadino degli Arienti Novelle Porrettane.

A.A. 1997-1998: Postgraduate in Archivist (School of Palaeography, Diplomatic and Archivist - State Archive of Modena).

A.A. 1998-1999: Specialization in Computer Science - University of Bologna (Faculty of Computer Science).

A.A. 1999-2003: PhD in Italian Studies (Digital edition of a collection of XV century letters written by Vespasiano da Bisticci) - University of Bologna.

2001-2006: Computer Technician of the Department of Classical Studies - University of Bologna.

From 2006 (underway): Assistant Professor (Systems of information elaboration) - University of Bologna.