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Flavio Delbono

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Director of First Cycle Degree in Economics and Finance


Oral exam of Industrial Organization

Rules of the oral exam

* At the present time, the oral (partial) exam of November 5th is scheduled at 1pm. However, depending on the number of students choosing the oral, I will inform them about the expected time and date (possibly the 6th).

* I will connect you per group, at the scheduled time.

* Please keep an ID close to you which I will require to be shown.

* No book, notes, phone are allowed; no help from friends; you must be alone in your room, I can ask you to show the room/360degrees at any time. During the exam you cannot tap or use your keyboard. 

* I will use the TEAMS platform. Please download it the day before, if you haven’t done it yet, on your computer; open TEAMS 10 minutes before the scheduled time, make yourself comfortable, and wait

* The exam will include a few questions; you will be asked to talk and answer.

* My internet line will be ok, so if your line does not allow me to watch and listen to you, we will have to postpone the exam to another time.

* The exam will last at most 20 minutes.

* You will need a computer with speakers. No earphones nor headphones will be allowed.

* You will be asked to use the command in TEAMS that will share your desktop so that I will control your screen.

* I may ask you to write down something during the exam, so please keep a piece of paper and a pen close to you.

Published on: April 06 2020