Foto del docente

Flavio Delbono

Full Professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Director of First Cycle Degree in Economics and Finance

Curriculum vitae

Born: September, 17th, 1959 (Sabbioneta, Italy)



Bachelor degree in Economics, University of Parma (Italy), 1982

D. Phil. in Economics, University of Siena (Italy), 1987

D. Phil. in Economics, University of Oxford (UK), 1988


Awards and studentships

Ministry of Budget Thesis Award (1983)

Italian Ministry of Education (1983-86)

Linacre College (Oxford) Domus Studentship (1985-86)

Fondazione Jona Scholarsip (1985-87)

British Council Scholarship (1985)



Academic Positions

1986-89: Lecturer of International Economics, Dickinson College of Bologna

1987-2008: Professorial Lecturer of International Economics and Statistics (and member of the Academic Council 2003-09), Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center

1987-92: Lecturer of Economics, University of Verona (Italy)

1992-96: Associate Professor of Economics, University of Bologna

1996-97: Professor of Economics, University of Modena (Italy)

1997-10 Professor of Economics, University of Bologna

2000-10 On leave

2010- Professor of Economics, University of Bologna

2018- Director of MUEC (University Master in Economics of Cooperation), University of Bologna

2020- Coordinator of the Bachelor degree in "Economics and Finance"



Other research experiences

1992: Research Fellow, London School of Economics

1992-2000: C.E.P.R. Research Fellow

1992: I.C.E.R (Turin, Italy) Research Fellow

1994: Visiting Professor at Brown University (USA)

1998: International Visitor in the USA (USIA)


Other Activities

1995-99: Deputy Mayor for Budget, City of Bologna 

2000-09: Deputy President for Budget (and Vice-president since 2003), Region Emilia-Romagna

2008-09: President of the Lisbon Regions Network

2009-10: Mayor of the City of Bologna


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