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Federica Boschi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/10 Methods of Archaeological Research


Keywords: Geophysics for archaeology Landscape archaeology Aerial photography and photointerpretation Preventative archaeology Remote Sensing in archaeology Archaeological methodology

Main lines of research:

Geophysics for Archaeology: theory and practice of the non-invasive methods for archaeological mapping and investigation, with particular regard to the most employed techniques of geophysical survey (Ground Penetrating Radar, Geomagnetic and Resistivity systems), their integration and to the archaeological interpretation of the remote sensing data. These topics are analyzed in depth also within several projects and activities on the field. Among the most recent experiences there are geophysical survey at Classe (Ravenna); Marzabotto (Bologna); Suasa and Ostra (Ancona); Pompei - Domus di Obellio Firmo; Paestum; Agrigento - Valle dei Templi; Tharros (Oristano); Sarcapos (Cagliari); Phoinike (Albania); Tasli Gecit Hoyuk (Turkey); Ashkelon (Israel). A special focus is given to the geophysical mapping of long lived cities (ongoing research at Senigallia and Ascoli Piceno).

Landscape Archaeology: study of territories and their evolution, by means of integrated methods and techniques of survey, digital documentation and mapping. This aspect of the research is mainly developed in Adriatic area, where several projects of research and education are works in progress (Mapping Adriatic Landscapes). Ongoing: Landscape Archaeology along the Cesano, Nevola and Misa River Valleys.

Preventative Archaeology: activities of survey and study for evaluating the archaeological value of sites and landscapes, with a special interest for contexts where new projects of transformation or modern works are in planning. Also this line of research turns to the systematic use of non-invasive methods of archaeological evaluation and to the critical analysis of their validity for the need of preventative archaeology and archaeological impact assessment. Ongoing project: ArcheoNevola - Integrated study of the Picene and Roman necropolis of Corinaldo (Ancona) between research and territorial planning.

Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing: analysis and interpretation of remote sensing data (aerial photographies, satellite images, Lidar data) and activities of aerial surveys for archaeological exploration, documentation and mapping. The main projects which contemplate this kind of activities are underway at Classe and the whole district south of Ravenna, and along the Valleys of the Rivers Cesano, Nevola and Misa (northern Marche).

Archaeological methodology: themes, theory and practice of the archaeological research, and their evolution. From the diagnostics to the activities of digs, documentation and edition.