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Fausto Tinti

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/05 Zoology


Keywords: population genetics marine population genomics marine biotechnology fishery genetics marine zoology molecular taxonomy evolutionary biology marine biodiversity Elasmobranchs Tunas

My research program has the general goal to investigate and define the evolutinary processes and environmental factors underlying the biodiversity of marine animals as well as to develop biotechnologies applied to marine fishery and ecosystem science.

My specific research topics are developed along the following themes

- Micro-evolutionary processes and environmental factors related to the genetic and demographic traits of relevant marine fishery resources and endangered species by analysis of the genetic structure of populations

- Evolution, systematics and biogeography of the Eastern Atlantic-Mediterranean faunas of the family Rajidae (Elasmobranchii) through variation analysis of morphological and molecular traits

- Monitoring and conservation of the biodiversity of Mediterranean elasmobranches by molecular barcoding within the framework of the Barcoding of Life Project (FishBOL)

- Historical and spatial changes of the genetic diversity in Mediterranean bluefin tuna by analyzing genetic polymorphism at neutral and under-selection loci in historical and contemporaneous populations, and relationships with the demographic features

- Assessing population structure and genetic diversity in Mediterranean fishery resources (tunas, sole, hake) for traceability of fish and fish products

- Development and use of innovative technologies for studying and monitoring species biodiversity of marine ecosystems and of terrestrial microbiological communities relevant for conservation and management of environmental and cultural resources

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