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Fabiana Antognoni

Associate Professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: BIO/15 Pharmaceutical Biology


Keywords: secondary metabolites ethnobotany biological assays medicinal plants In vitro cultures of medicinal plants plant extracts plant biostimulants

Ethnobotanical studies are based on the aquisition of information from local population living in high biodiversity areas about the medical use of plants. The aim of these researches is to identify novel bioactive compounds of plant origin. From plants selected for their practical use, in vitro cultures are established with the aim of increase the biomass able to produce secondary metabolites. The production of bioactive compounds by in vitro cultures is then optimized through elicitation with biotic or abiotic factors.

Another research line concerns the study of the response of plants to abiotic stresses and the role of plant extracts as biostimulants able to modulate these responses. Recent researches have been carried out on quinoa, a plant of the Andean regions and nowadays cultivated in different countries.

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