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Elisabetta Crocetti

Associate Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/05 Social Psychology


Alessandri G.; De Longis E.; Golfieri F.; Crocetti E., Can Self-Concept Clarity Protect against A Pandemic? A Daily Study on Self-Concept Clarity and Negative Affect during the COVID-19 Outbreak, «IDENTITY», 2021, 21, pp. 6 - 19 [Scientific article]

Landi, Giulia; Pakenham, Kenneth Ian; Crocetti, Elisabetta; Grandi, Silvana; Tossani, Eliana, Examination of the tripartite model of youth caregiving in the context of parental illness, «PSYCHOLOGY & HEALTH», 2021, 08 Jan, pp. 1 - 22 [Scientific article]

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Hatano K.; Sugimura K.; Crocetti E.; Meeus W.H.J., Diverse-and-Dynamic Pathways in Educational and Interpersonal Identity Formation during Adolescence: Longitudinal Links With Psychosocial Functioning, «CHILD DEVELOPMENT», 2020, 91, pp. 1203 - 1218 [Scientific article]

Vosylis, Rimantas*; Žukauskienė, Rita; Crocetti, Elisabetta, Linking Identity Processes to Spending Self-Control Capacities in Emerging Adulthood: The Mediating Role of Self-Regulatory Identity Functions, «EMERGING ADULTHOOD», 2020, 8, pp. 404 - 411 [Scientific article]

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Sugimura, Kazumi*; Matsushima, Kobo; Hihara, Shogo; Takahashi, Masami; Crocetti, Elisabetta, A Culturally Sensitive Approach to the Relationships between Identity Formation and Religious Beliefs in Youth, «JOURNAL OF YOUTH AND ADOLESCENCE», 2019, 48, pp. 668 - 679 [Scientific article]

Prati F.; Menegatti M.; Moscatelli S.; Kana Kenfack C.S.; Pireddu S.; Crocetti E.; Mariani M.G.; Rubini M., Are Mixed-Gender Committees Less Biased Toward Female and Male Candidates? An Investigation of Competence-, Morality-, and Sociability-Related Terms in Performance Appraisal, «JOURNAL OF LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY», 2019, 38, pp. 586 - 605 [Scientific article]

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