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Elio Ballardini

Associate Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-LIN/04 Language and Translation – French


Keywords: French Language & Culture Dialogue Interpreting Criminal Court Interpreting Interpreting in Healthcare Setting Translation Community Interpreting Text / Discours Linguistic Analysis Functional Sentence Perspective Interpreting & Translation Studies Conference Interpreting History and Interpreting

Key topics: French language and culture, dialogue interpreting, History & Interpreting, Court interpreting, culturebound problems of legal translation, healthcare interpreting, specialized translation, text linguistics and discours analysis.

Current key research topics: French culture and language, theory and practice of italian/french translation and interpreting, ethic code of court interpreting, metalinguistic and metacultural aspects of court interpreting and interpreting in healthcare settings in Italy and French-speaking countries. Translatology. Text linguistics and Discours analysis. French Linguistics.