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Domenico Luciano Moretti

PhD Student

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/08 Christian and Medieval Archaeology


Domenico Luciano Moretti mainly deals with medieval numismatics. His studies mainly focus on the circulation of money and on the economy of central-northern Italy between the 8th and 15th centuries and on that of the Kingdom of Sicily in the Norman, Swabian and Angevin period. Thanks to the comparison of the data obtained from the archaeological excavations and those obtained from the written documentation, his research at the University of Bologna has as its primary purpose the creation of a complete picture of the monetary circulation and economy of Romagna between the VIII and the fifteenth century, to better understand the social and economic interactions and the relationships between the various political-territorial organisms of the time. In his research path, the great economic changes following the Carolingian monetary reform (781-795) are of fundamental importance, such as the birth of the three large monetary areas in central-northern Italy, based on the coins of the cities of Verona (later Venice ), Lucca and Pavia (11th-12th century) and the consequent need to distinguish in documents the currencies used in payments due to the devaluation of their currencies by the city mints. The work carried out is both historical and archaeological, in fact the study of the history of money and its circulation can be used by the historian to identify the evolution of political-territorial powers, economic relations, the movement of goods and people, etc .., and it can be used by the archaeologist to date some stratigraphies but above all to complete the interpretative framework of the excavation at an economic and social level.

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