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Domenico Luciano Moretti

PhD Student

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/08 Christian and Medieval Archaeology

Curriculum vitae


PhD student at the University of Bologna, he carries out his research in the field of medieval numismatics, with particular attention to the circulation of coins in central-northern Italy between the 8th and 15th centuries and in the Kingdom of Sicily in the Norman, Swabian and Angevin periods.


Graduated in History (L-42) at the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna with a thesis on numismatics (L-ANT 04), and in Historical Sciences (LM-84), with honors, always at the Department of History, Culture and Civilization of the University of Bologna with a thesis with a historical-archaeological focus (L-ANT 08).

Scientific activity

Participation in national and international research programs

- FLAME (Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy), a project of the Princeton University Numismatic Collection and the Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity.

- Research project "The Byzantine heritage of southern Italy: settlement, economy and resilience of changing territorial and landscape contexts" (PRIN 2017).

- Research project "Bononia Docet", under the aegis of the Italian Academy of Numismatic Studies.

- Collaboration in the cataloging and publication project of medieval and modern Italian coins at the Heberden Coin Room of the Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford.

Direction of national and international conferences and study days

- Langobardorum Nummorum Doctrina, First international conference on numismatic studies in the Gargano National Park, Monte Sant’Angelo (FG), 12 October 2018.

- In Sanctorum Nummis Effigies, Second international conference of numismatic studies in the Gargano National Park, Monte Sant’Angelo (FG), 4-5 October 2019.

- Monete dei santi, monete dei morti, monete dei vivi, First historical-archaeological study day in the Civic Museum of Mattinata, Mattinata (FG) January 6, 2020.

- Economia in movimento: monete e circolazione monetaria nel Medioevo, Department of History, Cultures and Civilizations, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, 29 June 2022.

Participation in national and international conferences and study days

- SEM / EDX analysis on Norman and Swabian fractions of Tarì, in "Monete frazionate. Quadri regionali, questioni cronologiche, aspetti economici", Incontro Internazionale di Studi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan, 16-17 September 2019).

- Jazzo Ognissanti, a rupestrian village on the Via Francigena, in "I Convegno 'Beni Culturali in Puglia. Dialoghi multidisciplinari per la ricerca, la tutela e la valorizzazione" (Bari 16-17 September 2020).

- Monetary circulation in Capitanata in the Swabian age, in "Manifestare ea que sunt sicut sunt. Federico II e la Capitanata: 1221-2021, Convegno in occasione dell'ottocentesimo anniversario dell'arrivo dell'imperatore Federico II in Capitanata ", Department of Humanities Studies of the University of Foggia (Foggia, November 18-20, 2021).

- Economy and money in Romagna between late Antiquity and the early Middle Age, in "Networks in Transition: Monetary Exchange from Antiquity to the Middle Ages", Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, March 18-20, 2022).

Awards and scholarships

2022 - Winner of the NIP / AISN international scholarship for Numismatics, valid for participation in the XVI International Numismatics Congress in Warsaw (11-16 September 2022). Presented by Professor Alan M. Stahl, with a paper entitled: “Distribution of coins in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages in Southern Italy (325-725 AD): a comparison between border and inland areas”.

2022 - Winner of the IV "Premio Mario Traina" for the best numismatic thesis by the Accademia Italiana di Studi Numismatici.

2022 - Winner of a scholarship to participate as an auditor in "Il tarì moneta del Mediterraneo", International Study Conference organized by the Centro di Cultura e Storia Amalfitana (Amalfi, 20-21 May 2022).

2022 - Winner of a scholarship for participation in the Ateliere de Formation Numismatique, 3-4 October 2022, INHA- Biblioteque National de France, Musée Carnavalet, organized by the École Pratique des Hautes Études and the Research Universtiy Paris (PSL), and at the Altelier de formation «Monnaies, Métaux, Archéométrie», organized by the IRAMAT laboratory (UMR 7065 CNRS-Université d'Orléans), 5-7 October 2022.

Teaching activity

2022/2023 - Teaching support activities (tutor) in the course of "History of settlements and housing systems" (Master's degree) by Prof. Paola Galetti.

2022/2023 - Seminar activity at the University of Foggia in the Medieval Archeology course by prof. Pasquale Favia.

Other scientific activities

2016 - Ordinary member of the Italian Numismatic Society.

2017 - President and founding member of the Centro Studi Storico Archeologici del Gargano.

2019 - Member of the scientific advisory board of “Medieval Italian Coins”, series directed by Alberto D’Andrea.

2019 - Editor-in-chief of the journal "Kalkas", Journal on Prehistory, History, Archeology, Numismatics, History of Art, Landscape Sciences, Agricultural and Forestry History of the Gargano and the South Italy.

2019 - Member of the editorial board of the publishing house "Edizioni D’Andrea".

2019 - Member of the Società Mediterranea di Metrologia Numismatica.

2021 - Member of SAMI (Society of Italian Medieval Archaeologists).

2021 - Member of SISMED (Italian Society of Medieval Historians).

2021 - Managing director of “YΡΙΑ. Historical, artistic and documentary sources of Puglia”.

2022 - Managing director of “Medieval Italian Coins”.

2022 - Member of the scientific advisory board of the series “Magna Grecia Coins”.

2022 - Co-director of the series "Signa Capitanatae et alia".

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