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Diletta Tega

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/08 Constitutional Law


Keywords: Multilevel Protection of Fundamental Rights Equality principle Constitutional Justice Freedom of religion Antidiscrimination Law Secularism Constitutional Law Regional Law European Constitutional Law Global Constitutional Law Bioethics

Main interests: Sources of Law; Judicial review; Social rights; Regional Law; European Constitutional Law; Equality principle and Antidiscrimination Law; Bioethics.

Strong legal and cultural education mainly focused on bases and development of fundamental rights both in the Italian legal system and in the European one. Deep and critical knowledge of the so called “multilevel protection of human rights"; of the ECHR case-law, in particular about religious freedom, right to life, freedom of political association. 
More than 90 publications since 2001, including two books and one edited book; several essays and comments in A-class journals (highest rank in the experimental classification established in 2012 by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes); papers for national scientific meetings (published in the proceedings or as essays in journals). Full list published and periodically updated in