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Daniela Piana

Full Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science


Keywords: cultural change legality as rituals of inclusiveness rule of law cities and governance in the digital age professionalism and legal expertise in the digital age Arts and performativity in shaping citizenship and

The research trajectories are located at the intersection of four streams:

1. sociology of law

2. anthropology

3. politics and comparative sociology

4. philosophy and sociology of knowledge

The common thread of the research activities is represented by the relationship between agency - capacity and expression of action - and normativeness, in its various forms and in its various grammars.

Ongoing research agenda:

professionalism of law and legal languages in digital transformation

trust and intelligence within the framework of the new paradigm envisaged by the digital and ecological transition

methods of inclusiveness and promotion of the culture of legality in the context of cities

equality and freedom in the relationship with jurisdiction, legal services and the effective protection of rights in the life cycle of people.

The aforementioned topics are always addressed in a comparative manner and with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.