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Cecilia Garofalo

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology


The research activities are:

  • Molecular characterization of sarcomas for the identification of new markers useful for classification and clinical treatment;
  • Evaluation of the expression profile of genes that modulate the main processes of transformation and cell growth in relation to the different histopathological and clinical characteristics (degree, presence of relapses / metastases, response to therapy) of sarcomas through gene sequencing techniques;
  • Pre-clinical analysis of the efficacy of new anticancer agents and their interactions with conventional chemotherapeutic drugs;
  • Analysis of the genetic and molecular mechanisms responsible for resistance to conventional chemotherapeutic drugs and to new drugs used in the treatment of sarcomas.

The aims of this research activity are:

  • Identification of biological markers that can be used to identify patients with reduced probability of response to conventional chemotherapy as early as possible.
  • Identification of new anticancer agents to be considered for the planning of alternative treatment schemes for patients not responsive to conventional chemotherapy.
  • Development of a better molecular diagnostics for those sarcomas of which the molecular alterations characterizing the pathology are known and identification of new genetic alterations in order to introduce diagnostic, prognostic, predictive elements that can be used for new targeted treatments.

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