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Bruno Riccio

Full Professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-DEA/01 Demology, Ethnology and Anthropology


Keywords: Transnationalism Aid and Development Diversity youth of migrant background Migrant Associations Migration Citizenship Cultural Tourism City Mobility Co-development Migration Policies Intercultural brokerage

- Anthropology and ethnography of migration (Transnationalism, mobility, diversity, multiculturalism, cosmoplitanism, racism, brokerage, second-generation)
- Anthropology of development and social change (Co-development, migration and development, cultures of migration)
- Political Anthropology (ethnic conflicts, citizenship, representation, public sphere, neo-nationalism, migration policies)
- Urban Anthropology (migration, globalization, ethnic businness, urban transformations)
- Anthropology of tourism (sustainable and cultural tourism)
- Ethnography and Qualitative Research Methodology (Multi-sited research)
- Internal and Transnational Moblities