Foto del docente

Antonella Carbonaro

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics

Curriculum vitae

Awarded a Ph.D. in Intelligent Artificial Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Ancona University. Won post-doc research grants on AI topics. Since 2000 she has been first a researcher, then an associate professor. Her research is on data and knowledge modeling for the representation of entity semantics and relations, also in the domain of health data. Member of the scientific committee of OPS, MI. Scientific referent for the PLS project. Referent of the RD Summer Camp. Member of the working group Informatics and School, CINI. Member of the Joint Committee of the School of Engineering and Architecture. She is the leader of the WP Technology and Analytics of the PNC PNRR project - "DARE - digital lifelong prevention", spoke 1. She is the PI for the project ELLIE: insErimento e riquaLificazione professionaL dIgitale per donne, Bando Futura, Fondo Repubblica Digitale. She is the task leader "National and international policies for gender unbalance issues", PNRR EcoCyber project.