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Annarita Ferrante

Full Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/10 Architectural Engineering


Keywords: energy efficient buildings construction building techniques urban landscape design re-habilitation and renovation sustainable architecture

The main research areas refer to the sustanable rehabilitation of existing urban contexts, with particular reference to architectural and energy rehabilitation in urban and peri-urban areas. Within these contexts, a comprehensive research has been developed for the formulation of guidelines aimed at proposing - in an ecological and sustainable key - new urban areas. In this framework new methods have been explored for integrating renewable energy sources based technologies aimed at the climate and environmental control. Design explorations are intended as a method for controlling and verifying the environmental quality of the built system. This method is also supported by the use of systems to verify the thermal behavior of buildings with respect to the recent provisions on the energy certification of buildings. The main lines of research are, directly and indirectly, linked to the educational activities and to collaborations with public bodies at local level and with research institutes in the international arena.

Annarita Ferrante completed the URBAN RECREATION project, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework program, People. Project number 326060- Project title- URBAN RECREATION: Energy efficient retrofit for carbon zero and socio-oriented urban environments-FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF Marie Curie Actions Funding scheme - Intra-European Fellowships (IEF).

She is scientific coordinator of the European Project ABRACADABRA, funded in 2016 under Horizon 2020. link:

She is scientific coordinator of the European Project Pro-GET-onE, funded in 2018 under Horizon 2020. link:

She is the scientific referent for the University of Bologna of the Triple-Aero European Project, funded in 2018 under Horizon 2020. link:

In collaboration with Prof.ssa Elettra Agliardi she is also the scientific referent for the University of Bologna of the European Project DRIVE0, recently funded under Horizon 2020. link: 0-project-offering-efficient-solutions-Concerning-energy-materials-and-costs-within

The research lines focus, in particular, on the redevelopment of urban settlement contexts, with particular reference to the qualification of peri-urban areas and buildings, thus investing problems related to the energy qualification of buildings. The scope of intervention is therefore concentrated in the potential expressed by the theme of renovation in modern buildings, either residential buildings or special and industrial buildings. The theme of the new intervention is not excluded: however, its application is limited to the inclusion of new interventions in the existing built environments with the purpose of the sustainable densification, renovation and redevelopment.