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Anna Scalfaro

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/07 Musicology and History of Music

Curriculum vitae

Anna Scalfaro is Fixed-Term Senior Assistant Professor. She conducts her research in the fields of Musical pedagogy and History of contemporary music. In particular she deals with the History of Musical education in school and the relationship between text and music in the Italian vocal music of the 1920s and 1940s.


After graduating in Piano with full marks at Conservatorio “F. Torrefranca” di Vibo Valentia, Anna Scalfaro went on to specialise in Chamber Music at the “Incontri col Maestro” Academy in Imola. She then received a degree in DAMS Music from the University of Bologna (110 cum laude), and subsequently a Ph.D. in Musicology and Musical Heritage (with “excellent”).

Academic career

From 2007 to 2009 she was a contract professor at the Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Ravenna (a branch of Bologna University), teaching Contemporary Music History. She has also held courses in Musical Literacy at the Department of the Arts in Bologna University. She has been research fellow for three years (with a project about History of Musical education in Italian school) and then for one year (with the project La divulgazione del sapere musicale in RAI TV: con alcune prospettive per il MOdE – Museo Officina dell’Educazione.

In 2015 she gets the Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale, sector 10 / C1 - second band, valid from 26/02/2015 to 26/02/2021.

Teaching activity

Since 2004 she has been collaborating with the chairs of History of Music and Musical Pedagogy (Bologna), contributing to their didactic activity.

He has been a lecturer for the module "Esercitazioni di Didattica dell’ascolto" in the teaching " Pedagogia musicale con esercitazioni di didattica dell’ascolto", in the TFA - – Tirocinio Formativo Attivo, per l’abilitazione all’insegnamento scolastico di Musica.

Currently she’s teaching Philosophy and Musical Aesthetics, Music Pedagogy, and she’s coordinating the Music Lab (1) for the DAMS Degree Course at Bologna University.

Scientific activity

Her scholarly research has focused on the Musical pedagogy and History of contemporary music. On these topics, in addition to several essays and articles, she published three books: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Il concerto per clarinetto e orchestra (Bologna, 2007), I “Lirici greci” di Quasimodo: un ventennio di recezione musicale (Roma, 2011), Storia dell’educazione musicale nella scuola italiana. Dall’Unità ai giorni nostri (Milano, 2014).

She has participated in national and international conferences, such as the 2009 AAIS Conference (The American Association for Italian Studies, New York, St. John's University), the 2012 IMS Conference (International Music Society) in Rome, the Conference "Ragione e Furore. Lucrezio nell'Italia contemporanea" (Bologna, 2017), the Conference "Music as Cultural Education: Building New Bridges between Pre-College Schools and Universities" (Bologna, 2018).

Membership in scientific and editorial committees

She is a member of the editorial staff of the journal «Musica Docta» and of the editorial staff of MOdE - Museo Officina dell’Educazione in Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Educazione "Giovanni Maria Bertin". She is in the board of directors of the Association “Il Saggiatore musicale” that promotes cultural, editorial, educational and training initiatives in the field of musicology. She is an active collaborator within the SagGEM: Group for Musical Education. The group includes musicologists, pedagogues, school, conservatory and university teachers.

She is a member of the IMS Study Group - International Musicological Society "Transmission of Knowledge as a Primary Aim in Music Education" (ch. G. La Face).

Other activities

As part of the SagGEM project, she is in charge of organising the “Classici in classe”, a performance featuring several musical groups selected from schools in the city and its Province, from primary school up to secondary high school.

At the same time, she’s organizing activities of musical divulgation, through the design and conduct of concerts for schools and adult audiences.