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Anna Scalfaro

Associate Professor

Department of the Arts

Academic discipline: L-ART/07 Musicology and History of Music


Keywords: History of musical education Didactics of listening 20th-century Italian music Musical reception of Greek poetry Luigi Dallapiccola Concert for solo and orchestra

History of Musical Education in the Italian School from the Unity to our day.

The historical methods of Didactics of music (Carl Orff, Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, etc.)

The 'Ritmica integrale' of Laura Bassi.

Didactics of listening on music from the twentieth century (Ravel, Schoenberg, Berio-Maderna-Leydi).

The musical production of Luigi Dallapiccola (vocal music and musical theater).

Florentine Composers after the Second World War: Carlo Prosperi and Ugalberto de Angelis.

The first chamber vocal music by Bruno Maderna and Luigi Nono.

The chamber vocal music of Luciano Chailly on Quasimodo's poems.

Musical reception of Greek lyric poets in Italian vocal production between the 1920s and 1960s.

Didactic transmission of Beethoven piano and orchestra concerts.

Didactic transmission of Mozart concert for clarinet and orchestra.