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Angelo Fabbri

Professore associato

Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Agro-Alimentari

Settore scientifico disciplinare: AGR/09 MECCANICA AGRARIA


Fabbri, A.; Cevoli, C; Cantalupo, G, A method for handlebars ballast calculation in order to reduce vibrations transmissibility in walk behind tractors, «JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING», 2017, 48, pp. 81 - 91 [articolo]

De Giorgi, Stefania; Raddadi, Noura; Sabia, Claudia; Tullia Gallina Toschi, ; Fabbri, Angelo; Fava, Fabio, BIOTECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTION OF LACTOBIONIC ACID FROM RICOTTA CHEESE WHEY, in: Proceedings of the 10th International Society for Environmental Biotechnology Conference, 2016(atti di: 10th International Society for Environmental Biotechnology (ISEB) Conference, Barcelona, spagna, 1-3 giugno 2016) [atti di convegno-poster]

Fabbri, Angelo; Cevoli, Chiara, Rheological parameters estimation of non-Newtonian food fluids by finite elements model inversion, «JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING», 2016, 169, pp. 172 - 178 [articolo]

Cavazza, Luigi; Guarnieri, Adriano; Fabbri, Angelo; Cevoli, Chiara; Molari, Giovanni, Theoretical and experimental study on mechanical characterisation of a water drop impact on a solid surface, «JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING», 2016, 47, pp. 12 - 16 [articolo]

Fabbri, A.; Cevoli, C., 2D water transfer finite elements model of salami drying, based on real slice image and simplified geometry, «JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING», 2015, 158, pp. 73 - 79 [articolo]

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Cevoli, C.; Gianotti, A.; Troncoso, R.; Fabbri, A., Quality evaluation by physical tests of a traditional Italian flat bread Piadina during storage and shelf-life improvement with sourdough and enzymes, «EUROPEAN FOOD RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY», 2015, 240, pp. 1081 - 1089 [articolo]

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Chiara Cevoli; Angelo Fabbri; Giulia Tabanelli; Chiara Montanari; Fausto Gardini; Rosalba Lanciotti; Adriano Guarnieri, Finite element model of salami ripening process and successive storage in package, «JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING», 2014, 132, pp. 14 - 20 [articolo]

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Cevoli, C; Fabbri, A; Tabanelli, G; Gardini, F, Salami Ripening Study by 2D Finite Element Model, in: 2nd International Symposium Fermented Meat, Valencia 20-23 October 2014, 2014(atti di: 2nd International Symposium Fermented Meat, Valencia, 20-23 October 2014) [atti di convegno-poster]

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