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Anabela Cristina Costa Da Silva Ferreira

Adjunct professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

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Department of Interpreting and Translation

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Following a multi-year academic teaching activity at the University of Bologna in Bologna and Forlì, since 2014 I am Researcher L-LIN / 09 language and Portuguese translation at fixed time, carrying out research in the field of legal terminology. Since 2007 I am a member of the Council of the Interpretation and Translation Department of Forlì and of the Council of the Intercultural Linguistic Mediation Degree Course. Since 2020 member  of the Council in Specialized Translation.I am also a member of Metra-Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Mediation and Translation by and for Girls and Members of the Scientific College of the Center for Transverse Studies on Theater and Interculturalità-TraTeÀ. I am responsible for 7 Erasmus exchanges with Portugal (Lisboa, Porto, Aveiro, Açores, Bragança, Minho); I've been member of the Joint Commission Vice-President of Forlì; Instituto Camões representative; Head of the PLE3007 Examination Center; sworn and qualified translator L.n.4 14gen.2013 Go to the Curriculum vitae


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Dipartimento di Interpretazione e Traduzione
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During the 1st semester of the accademic year 2021-2022 I'll receive by appointment via the Teams online platform, and after receiving a request by mail to 

To to take books or dvd's from the “Pequena Biblioteca de Português”, please send me also an email before. 

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