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Alessio Erioli

Assistant professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/14 Architectural and Urban Design


Project topic validity and norms for foreign studens

The support to the course's topics from the teaching staff after the lessons period ends one academic year after the topic was assigned. For instance, a topic assigned in the academic year 2019-20 (course lessons period considered: September-December 2018) will receive further support (upon request) until February 2021 (included).

After that, the topic is still valid but, if you want to use it as exam material, you should develop on your own taking care to meet the requirements assigned for the year the topic was assigned.

A note for Erasmus/Overseas students: the course uses the formula of small groups (3 people each), therefore you will be assigned to one of those if you haven't already some preferred mates. In any case, keep in mind that if you take the course, be seriously committed in completing the project and giving the exam before your return to your home country. Doing otherwise can compromise or damage the work of your group mates.

Published on: February 26 2018