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Alessio Erioli

Assistant professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ICAR/14 Architectural and Urban Design


Exam protocols - changes for online mode

There are changes to exam protocols (deliverables and delivery modes). Please refer to for specifics. Students prior to AA 2018-19: send and email to for details.

Published on: May 26 2020

Exam deliverables: replacement work for the functional prototype

Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 summer exam session is expected to take place remotely (via the Esami On Line platform). For this reason (but also in consideration of the inevitable difficulties that have occurred and could still occur in the coming months concerning access ...

Published on: May 12 2020

Erasmus/Overseas - incoming students

For any Erasmus-Overseas related question from incoming students please send an email - do not use the doodle reserved for office hours.

Published on: May 07 2018

Project topic validity and norms for foreign studens

The support to the course's topics from the teaching staff after the lessons period ends one academic year after the topic was assigned. For instance, a topic assigned in the academic year 2019-20 (course lessons period considered: September-December 2018) will receive further support (upon request) ...

Published on: February 26 2018

lezioni del corso a3 - AA 2015-16 | video on-line

Video delle lezioni tenute da Settembre a Dicembre 2015 per il corso a3 (Architettura e Composizione Architettonica 3) AA 2015-16. Videos from a3 lectures AA 2015-16 (italian only) link ai video

Published on: February 23 2016