Foto del docente

Alessio Domeneghetti

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/02 Hydraulic Structures, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology


Keywords: Flood hazard Hydrology Hydraulic model Remote Sensing Flood risk

Research activities

Research interests: as an environmental engineering with a strong background in hydrology and hydraulics Alessio Domeneghetti's research activities mainly focus on the field of flood hazard and flood risk assessment, mitigation and mapping. In this field he developed and applied hydrological and hydraulic models of different structure and complexity for the identification and evaluation of flood mitigation measures, taking into account the mutual relationship between flood risk and society. These studies started during the PhD with the aim to investigate the role of different sources of uncertainties on flood hazard analysis, even considering the risk of dike breaches that has been estimated by means of fragility curves (this activity was carried out also in collaboration with the German Research Centre for Geosciences). Recently, Alessio Domeneghetti dedicated his attention to the application of remote sensing techniques and remotely-sensed data for hydrological and hydraulic applications, showing benefits, limits and uncertainties related to the use of water elevation measurements sensed from different satellites (e.g. ERS and ENVISAT). Furthermore, being involved in consulting activities commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure he is investigating the possible effects of climate changes on flood frequency analysis in different topographic and climate contexts.