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Alessandro Gargini

Full Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/05 Engineering Geology

Curriculum vitae

Born in Florence (Italy) on August 20th 1958. Full Professor of Hydrogeology at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna since March 1st 2011 (disciplinary sector: Applied Geology). Since May 2015 Director of the Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Department of the University of Bologna. Since May 2018 he is component of the Academic Senate of the University of Bologna as representative of the Directors of Departments of Scientific Area. October 2012-March 2015: Coordinator of the Geology Courses of Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna (Bachelor Degree and Master Degree).


High School Diploma at Classic Lyceum "Dante" in Florence (1976). MSc in Geological Sciences at the University of Florence (Italy), in 1986, with a Structural Geology dissertation. PhD degree in Hydrogeology at the University of Parma in 1990, with an hydrogeological thesis on the vulnerability to pollution of shallow aquifers and determination of hydraulic conductivity by in situ tests. Post-doc fellowship from 1992 to 1994, at the Earth Sciences Department of Florence University, with a research on: Hydrogeological and geophysical techniques for groundwater vulnerability evaluation to pollution.  Since November 1st 1998 to December 31st 2004 lecturer at the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Ferrara. Since January 1st 2005 to February 28st 2011 associate professor of hydrogeology at the Earth Sciences Department of the University of Ferrara. Attending specialistic courses of Applied Hydrogeology at: Politechnics of Milan; Politechnics of Barcellona; Birmingham University; Waterloo University.


General and Applied Hydrogeology , Technical Geological Prospecting, Hydrogeological Prospecting and Aquifer Monitoring, Mathematical Models in Hydrogeology, Contaminated sites, Protection and Contamination of Groundwater Resources


Responsible for the University of Ferrara of 3 EU funded project about Risk Assessment (NORISC), Natural Attenuation (CORONA) and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GENESIS). Scientific coordinator of more than 40 applied research projects funded by public or private institutions at a national or local level.  Referee of following journals:  Hydrogeology Journal; Journal of Contaminant Hydrogeology; Hydrological ProcessesEnvironmental Science and Technology; Isotopes in Environmental & Health Studies; Water, Air and Soil Pollution; Italian Journal of Geosciences; International Journal of Engineering, Geology and Environment.

Current research interests are exclusively devoted to Applied Hydrogeology: Plume characterization and modelling in porous aquifers;  Risk assessment and natural attenuation; Ecohydraulics and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems in Alpine and Apenninic environment; Relationships between surface water and groundwater in alluvial plains; Impacts of tunnelling on water resources; Groundwater flow systems in fractured aquifers.

Author of 39 products about hydrogeological themes on Scopus, 28 products on ISI-WoS. Total number of citations (July 2020) is 582 on Scopus (502 without self-citations) and 334 on ISI-WoS. H Index is 13 on Scopus, 12 on ISI-WoS. In the section Publications, the list of the 20 more relevant is listed (ISI-WoS)

Other activities

Since 2003 associated to International Association of Hydrogeologists; since 2102 elected member of IAH Italian National Chapter (elected for a second term on January 2017).


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