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Alessandro Gargini

Full Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/05 Engineering Geology


Leoncini C.; Filippini M.; Nascimbene J.; Gargini A., A quantitative review and meta-analysis on phytoscreening applied to aquifers contaminated by chlorinated ethenes, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2022, 817, Article number: 153005 , pp. 153005 - N/A [Scientific article]

Saber, AA; Bhat, SU; Hamid, A; Gabrieli, J; Garamoon, H; Gargini, A; Cantonati, M, Chemical Quality and Hydrogeological Settings of the El-Farafra Oasis (Western Desert of Egypt) Groundwater Resources in Relation to Human Uses, «APPLIED SCIENCES», 2022, 12, Article number: 5606 , pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]Open Access

Filippini, Maria; Leoncini, Carlotta; Luchetti, Lucina; Emiliani, Renata; Fabbrizi, Emanuela; Gargini, Alessandro, Detecting vinyl chloride by phytoscreening in the shallow critical zone at sites with potential human exposure, «JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT», 2022, 319, pp. 115776 - 115776 [Scientific article]

Venturi Margherita; Melucci Dora; Zappoli Sergio; Gargini Alessandro; Mantovani Barbara; Belcastro Maria Giovanna; Fanti Federico; Vannini Ira; Panciroli Chiara; Piastra Stefano; Ciardi Marco, Laurea Magistrale in Didattica e Comunicazione delle Scienze Naturali, in: Professione Insegnante. Quali strategie per la formazione?, Napoli, Editore Guida Editori srl, 2022, pp. 1519 - 1524 [Chapter or essay]

Vincenzi, V; Piccinini, L; Gargini, A; Sapigni, M, Parametric and numerical modeling tools to forecast hydrogeological impacts of a tunnel, «ACQUE SOTTERRANEE», 2022, 11, pp. 51 - 69 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giorgia Bolognesi, Vincenzo Iannuzzi, Alessandro Gargini, Augusto De Sanctis, Donata Luiselli, Stefania Sarno, Elena Marasco, Paolo Garagnani, Maria Filippini, Cristina Giuliani, The effect of chlorinated solvents on human DNA methylation variability, in: Il prossimo uomo. Storia naturale di geni, forme e funzioni fra passato e futuro dell'umanità, 2022, 5(atti di: Il prossimo uomo. Storia naturale di geni, forme e funzioni fra passato e futuro dell'umanità, Museo dell’Università “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti (Pescara), 7-10 Settembre 2022) [Poster]

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Filippini, Maria; Nijenhuis, Ivonne; Kümmel, Steffen; Chiarini, Veronica; Crosta, Giovanni; Richnow, Hans H.; Gargini, Alessandro*, Multi-element compound specific stable isotope analysis of chlorinated aliphatic contaminants derived from chlorinated pitches, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2018, 640-641, pp. 153 - 162 [Scientific article]

Segadelli, Stefano; Vescovi, Paolo; Ogata, Kei; Chelli, Alessandro; Zanini, Andrea; Boschetti, Tiziano; Petrella, Emma; Toscani, Lorenzo; Gargini, Alessandro; Celico, Fulvio, A conceptual hydrogeological model of ophiolitic aquifers (serpentinised peridotite): The test example of Mt. Prinzera (Northern Italy), «HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES», 2017, 31, pp. 1058 - 1073 [Scientific article]

Cantonati, Marco; Segadelli, Stefano; Ogata, Kei; Tran, Ha; Sanders, Diethard; Gerecke, Reinhard; Rott, Eugen; Filippini, Maria; Gargini, Alessandro; Celico, Fulvio, A global review on ambient Limestone-Precipitating Springs (LPS): Hydrogeological setting, ecology, and conservation, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2016, 568, pp. 624 - 637 [Scientific article]Open Access

Filippini, Maria; Amorosi, Alessandro; Campo, Bruno; Herrero Martìn, Sara; Nijenhuis, Ivonne; Parker, Beth L.; Gargini, Alessandro, Origin of VC-only plumes from naturally enhanced dechlorination in a peat-rich hydrogeologic setting, «JOURNAL OF CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY», 2016, 192, pp. 129 - 139 [Scientific article]

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