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Alessandro Gabrielli

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/01 Experimental Physics

Coordinator of PhD Programme in Physics


Dissertation topics suggested by the teacher.

Master Thesis Topic 1: Technology, Informatics, Electronics

  1. Research and development of a hardware firewall, based on customfabricated electronic boards, to wide network security applications. The work will mainly consist of the firmware development of digital algorithms on Xilinx FPGA-based platforms. The candidate will become familiar with high-speed electro-optical connections using FPGAs, and the transmission protocol of the ISO/OSI model.
  2. There are also thematic theses with sector collaborations, in the electronic field, to be finalized with a recruitment.

Master Thesis Topic 2: Research in Electronics for Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics Experiments

  1. The candidate will join a project that has been widely launched in the
    international ATLAS collaboration at CERN, with particular attention to the
    research and development of data-acquisition and trigger systems using
    custom-fabricated electronic boards. This work will complete the data
    acquisition system currently present in the ATLAS pixel acquisition chain. Similar systems are planned to be used for the DUNE experiment for the neutrinos track detections and data acquisiztion.
    The INFN association is also possible to partially carry out the activity at
    CERN or at BNL (USA).
  2. Implementation of trigger algorithms based on neural-networks for LHC
    upgrade, implemented on frontier FPGA devices, mainly for the ATLAS experiment at CERN. The work will be
    proposed as solution for innovative triggering systems particularly required
    to pixel-detector upgrades.
  3. The work consists in High-Speed (GByte/s) electro-optical links
    communication tests on electronic boards used for many applications.
    Mainly these are related to the Phase-2 LHC upgrade at CERN but can be
    also oriented to a technology teansfer to the market.

Master Thesis Topic 3: Research in Microelectronics

  1. The candidate can start a training study oriented to becoming familiar with the microelectronic design, for the fabrication of ASICs (microchips). The final destinatin of this subject can be a doctoral position. Details can be discussed in person.

Doctoral Thesis Topic 1: Research in Microelectronics

  1. All the proposed topics for Master Theses can be expanded, in principle, into a 3-year doctoral study.
  2. Study, design and test of microelectronics ciucuits (ASICs), or IP blocks, withing large collaborations of world-wide research institutes and universities. The main applications are readout systems for international high-energy experiments such as ATLAS and DUNE. The circuits can also operate at chriogenic temperatures.
  3. Instrustrial PHD projects to be agreed with private industries operating world-wide in the electronic area, oriented to a recruiment as final destination. This type of study includes periods of work in the partner industry and periods of study and research to be completed abroad.


Recently A.G. has started a collaboration with the

via an AlmaIdea project for designing a FireWall hardware. A use-case within the INFN-BO and INFN-CNAF is starting in parallel with a Course "B1165 - HARDWARE-BASED SECURITY WITH FPGA: FROM CYBERCRIME TO CYBERWARFARE AND DIPLOMACY" at the Collegio Superiore of the Bologna University.

Master and PhD thesis are available in this subject.

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