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Alessandra Bonoli

Full Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/29 Engineering of Raw Materials

Curriculum vitae

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Alessandra Bonoli is Full Professor in Raw Material Engineering and Resources and Recycling, University of Bologna. Her research themes are mainly related with Circular Economy and Sustainability, Urban Green Technologies for Urban resilience against Climate Change effects and impacts. Eco-design approach, Sustainability Analysis (LCSA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Ecological Foortprint.

Shee holds an international PhD in Circular Economy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Granada.

She founded and coordinates a research group, named “Engineering of Transition, Raw Materials and Circular Economy”, developing researches oriented to building a sustainable world, from environmental, social and economic points of view, according with SDGs EU Agenda approach.

She has created the Department Research Center for international COoperation and Development on Engineering, Environment and Emergency (CODE^3).

Alessandra Bonoli is Member of the Operational Group of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP Raw Materials).

Main Research Activities

Sustainable environmental solutions in both the building and waste management fields. Innovative studies in integrated waste management and in collection and recycling system.

Recycling of Construction and Demolition waste in the context of Circular Economy.

Valorization of primary and secondary resources, as urban and industrial waste as well as technologies dedicated to the production of raw material and materials from recycling process.

Life cycle assessment, ecological footprint, multicriteria analysis

Researches in urban sustainability and resilience. Urban green Technologies as adaptation tool at urban level

Implementation and application of integrated management systems (in terms of safety, environment quality) to mineral and inert materials processing. Studies on construction and demolition waste recycling and on other waste derived from urban and industrial activities.


Resident Fellow (by Rector appointment) for the scientific board of the “Institute of Advanced Studies (ISA)” University of Bologna, Italy

Resident Fellow (by Rector appointment) for the “Raw Materials” research group of the University of Bologna,

Resident Fellow (by Rector appointment) for the Consortium “CINIGEO” , National Consortium for Geo resources and Geo technologies Engineering

Member of the Sustainability UNIBO Team (by Rector appointment) to promote environmental sustainability and the achievement of the Agenda2030 SDGs inside the University of Bologna

Member of the Research Commission at DICAM department

Delegate for Internationalization Department DICAM University of Bologna

Delegate of the University of Bologna at the Working Group for "School, University and Research for the 2030 Agenda", Ministry of Education, University and Research,

Delegate of the University of Bologna in the Table of Work on Education for the Sustainable Development Goals (UN Agenda 2030 SDGs) and to that of Waste and Resources of the Network of Italian Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS).

Representative member of the University of Bologna at the European Commission within the Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP Raw Materials) (from 2018 to today).

Referent of the University of Bologna for the European network WITEC, The European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (from 2015 to today)

Since 2019 she has been a delegate of the University of Bologna to the United Nations in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN, New York)