Foto del docente

Alberto Danielli

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/11 Molecular Biology


Danielli A.; Barillas-Mury C.; Kumar S.; Kafatos F.C.; Loukeris T.G., Overexpression and altered nucleocytoplasmic distribution of Anopheles ovalbumin-like SRPN10 serpins in Plasmodium-infected midgut cells., «CELLULAR MICROBIOLOGY», 2005, 7, pp. 181 - 190 [Scientific article]

G. SPOHN; A. DANIELLI; D. RONCARATI; I. DELANY; R. RAPPUOLI; V. SCARLATO, Dual Control of Helicobacter pylori Heat Shock Gene Transcription by HspR and HrcA., «JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY», 2004, 186, pp. 2956 - 2965 [Scientific article]

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