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Adriana Iezzi

Full Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-OR/21 Chinese and South Asian Languages and Literatures


Keywords: Chinese calligraphy Chinese graffiti

Chinese contemporary calligraphy

Analysis of the main artistic expressions of contemporary Chinese calligraphy that deviate from traditional forms and of the artists/calligraphers who are their interpreters (poetics, aesthetics, technique, style, etc.), with particular attention to contamination by Western art on the modernist and avant-garde movements. Comparison between the different points of view of critics and scholars (especially Chinese), who are animating the critical debate on the real nature of contemporary Chinese calligraphy and on their hypothesis of classification of the recent artistic production.

Graffiti art in contemporary China

Analysis of the most important contemporary Chinese crews and writers, in particular in the city of Beijing, focusing on the contamination of traditional forms of art (calligraphy and painting) and the use of Chinese characters in their works.

The language of contemporary Chinese calligraphy and graffiti art (traductological approach)

Analysis of the adaptation of Chinese language to the requirements of new forms of calligraphy in contemporary China and related translating issues, focusing in particular on the i) analysis of neologisms, new expressions and new meta discourses emerged from the mid-80s to identify these new forms, with particular attention to contamination with graffiti art, ii) examination of the “linguistic” contents of related calligraphic/graffiti artworks, iii) study of translation strategies and their application to selected texts on this topic.

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