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Anna Morelli

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/04 Numismatics


Keywords: Numismatics Coins and Medals Numismatic Iconography Coins from archaeological finds Coin Jewellery Mint of Ravenna Numismatic collections

Scientific activities are organized in the following subjects:

  • Analysis of the institutional implications of the ancient coins as historical documents.
  • Studies on ancient coins as archaeological data and sources for the reconstruction of the history of specific local areas.
  • Specific investigations on the localization and the activity of the mint of Ravenna in late antiquity and the Middle Age.
  • Researches aimed at promoting the use of digital resources in the study of ancient coins.
  • Studies on coin jewellery.

Research interests are also extended to the following areas:

• Analisys of the more technical aspects related to the scientific cataloguing of numismatic materials (both coins and medals, as well as dies and punches).
• Specific investigations on ancient coins as historical sources for the reconstruction of the social, economic and cultural ambits of reference in different chronological and geographical contexts.
• Special attention to the history of collecting ancient coins, with particular focus on its genesis and its characteristics.
• Specific studies finalized to the reorganization and cataloguing of coins and medals in the collections of the "Museo Nazionale" and the "Biblioteca Classense" of Ravenna.