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Alessandra Gigli

Assistant professor

Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin"

Academic discipline: M-PED/01 Pedagogy, Theories of Education and Social Education


Keywords: adventure education


In Italy, like others European countries, research has been carried out aimed at investigating the processes that govern the relationship between children, families and the educational  services. The need to widen our knowledge in these areas and to monitor quality rises from the complex transformations taking place in Italian society due to the effects of globalization, immigration, social instability and recent changes in the education system. It's easy to see that today's families, immersed in this continuous process of social transformation, are experiencing deep changes and a break with the past  that has radical implications for dialogue and the organization of services. The research will set out to identify the direction and changes in meaning in theses processes occurring  nowadays, with the aim of  finding  suitable tools for educational planning and negotiation between different subjects.

In particular I'm investigating the following thems:

- Cultural models and educational strategies in families regarding the way to bring up children  in everyday life, in particular from 0 to 10 years old: gaps and resources of mother and father educational action.

- Models and strategies used in various educational contexts to bouil up good relationship between parents and educational workers, giving particular attention to critical issues, resources, and the needs of those involved.

- To finding and describing the practices to achieve the educational alliance

- Compare the existing results of scientific research and direct findings of fieldwork which focuses on observation, focus groups, interviews with operators and parents in the various types of educational services.