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Alberto Bellini

Full Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-IND/32 Power Electronic Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives


Donadio, L.; Zucca, M.; Bellini, A.; Concari, C.; Lorenzani, E., Time harmonics investigation of stator and rotor currents of a dedicated induction machine, in: Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Electric Machines and Drives, 2005, 2005, pp. 1820 - 1825 (atti di: IEEE International Conference on Electric Machines and Drives, 2005, San Antonio, TX, USA, May 2005) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Patent n. EP 1589648 A2, A DC/DC three-phase converter.

Patent n. EP 1 589 648 A2, A DC/DC three-phase converter.

Patent n. EP 1 432 120 A1, Audio Power Amplifier.

BALESTRA M.; BELLINI A.; CALLEGARI S.; ROVATTI R.; SETTI G., Chaos Based Generation of PWM-Like Signals for Low-EMI Induction Motor Drives: Analysis and Experimental Results, «IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRONICS», 2004, Vol E87-C, N. 1, pp. 66 - 75 [Scientific article]

Patent n. UD2004A000080, Procedimento di elaborazione di segnali numerici e relativo apparato.

Bellini A.; Concari C.; Filippetti F.; Franceschini G.; Lorenzani E.; Tassoni C.; Toliyat H.A., Induction Motors Diagnosis using Deceleration Test, a Possible Improvement, in: Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society), 2003, 3, pp. 1874 - 1881 (atti di: 2003 IEEE Industry Applications Conference; 38th Annual Meeting: Crossroads To Innovation, Salt Lake City, UT, usa, 2003) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Bellini, A.; Filippetti, F.; Franceschini, G.; Tassoni, C.; Kliman, G.B., Quantitative evaluation of induction motor broken bars by means of electrical signature analysis, «IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS», 2001, 37, pp. 1248 - 1255 [Scientific article]

Bellini A.; Filippetti F.; Franceschini G.; Tassoni C., Closed-loop control impact on the diagnosis of induction motors faults, «IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS», 2000, 36, pp. 1318 - 1339 [Scientific article]

Bellini A.; Leone A.; Rovatti R., Fuzzy perceptual filtering for still image compression, in: 1998 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems Proceedings. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, 1998, 2, pp. 1637 - 1642 (atti di: IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems Proceedings, Anchorage, AK, USA, 04-09 May 1998) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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