Foto del docente

Yvonne Huetter-Almerigi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Philosophy

Academic discipline: L-LIN/13 German Literature


Talk by Bjørn Torgrim Ramberg (Oslo) on "Davidson and Pragmatism", discussant: Yvonne Huetter-Almerigi (Bologna)

The talk is part of the series of seminars "Fringes of Pragmatism" organized by the research group "RaMo" (Radici e motivi del Pragmatismo) and Almaesthetics and will take place on April 24 from 17-19 in Sala Mondolfo, Via Zamboni 38. For more information: ...

Published on: April 24 2024

Lecture series "Language(s) and Conflict" from March 14 - June 19

The lecture series "Language(s) and Conflict," organized by the Research Center Knowledge and Cognition at the University of Bologna, aims to delve into the complex interrelationships between language(s) and conflict. The exploration is multifaceted, involving examinations from semantic, linguistic, ...

Published on: April 24 2024