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Vittorio Caporrella

Adjunct professor

Department of History and Cultures

Curriculum vitae

Education and Specialized Training

2001: 4 years degree "Laurea" in Contemporary History at the University of Bologna (110/110 cum laude).

2002-2005 : 4 years Fellowship for the Doctoral Degree Courses offered by University of Bologna and Freie Universität Berlin - Zentrum für Vergleichende Geschichte Europas.

01/04/–31/07/2004: study at the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin .

2006: doctoral degree (PhD), Discussion of the Dissertation: "Strategie educative delle famiglie italiane a Trieste tra la fine del XIX e il 1914. Le scuole medie nel territorio multietnico" / "Erziehungsmuster von italienischen Familien des Mittelstandes im Triest der Jahrhundertwende. Die Mittelschulen in einem multietnischen Gebiet."

01/05-31/07/2005: international course "Tutor for e-learning History" (University of Turku, Departement of History).

01-31/03/2008: research scholarship at the Service d’histoire de l’éducation di Parigi (Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique).

2007-2009: research scholarship at Department of History - Bologna University.


Professional Experiences

From september 2009:

administrative and research assistant at the Department of History and Culture of Bologna University: dissemination of research results, teaching of history, peer review processes, quality assurance of research.



Pearson Italia - Paravia Bruno Mondadori Editori

  • scientific advice, writing and editing history textbooks for high schools;

  • research and teaching materials for teachers;

  • multimedia resources for the teaching of history.


University of Bologna

  • EU e-learning project: eHLEE (eHistory Learning Environment and Evaluation) presented by the University of Turku.

  • E-learning project for international students: "L'Italia nella storia"


University of Bologna

Managing editor, database, data processing, for the national research “Bibliografia nazionale dell’antifascismo italiano” (National Bibliography of Italian Anti-Fascism), MIUR.