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Violeta Kaledaite

Full Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna


Selected publications (2010-2016)

 Edited works

1.        Dabašinskienė, Ineta, Kalėdaitė, Violeta (eds.). 2012. Child language acquisition research in the Baltic area. Journal of Baltic studies. London: Routledge. Vol. 43, no. 2.

2.        Dabašinskienė, Ineta, Kalėdaitė, Violeta and Aleksandravičius, Egidijus (eds.). 2010. Checking the Pulse of Baltic Studies. Days and Deeds. Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University Press. Vol 54.

Research papers

1. Kalėdaitė, Violeta. Domestication or foreignization? Two translations of the “Seasons of the Year” by Kristijonas Donelaitis into English // Knygotyra = Book Science. Vilnius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla. 2015, T. 64, p. 258-270.

2. Kalėdaitė, Violeta; Jokubaitytė, Renata . 2013. Cleft sentences in English and their equivalents in Lithuanian // Anglistics in Lithuania : cross-linguistic and cross-cultural aspects of study / edited by Inesa Šeškauskienė; Jonė Grigaliūnienė. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p. 121‒133.

3. Kalėdaitė, Violeta. 2012. The specifying existential sentence type in Lithuanian: a problem statement // Multiple perspectives in linguistic research on Baltic languages. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p. 193‒205.

4. Kalėdaitė, V., Bastienė, I. 2012. Negation strategies in English and Lithuanian. Darbai ir dienos 58: 201-221. Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University Press.

5. Dabašinskienė  I., Kalėdaitė V. 2012. Child language acquisition research in the Baltic area. Journal of Baltic Studies, 43(2): 151-160.

6. Šeškauskienė, Inesa; Cibulskienė, Jurga; Kalėdaitė, Violeta; Roikienė, Dalė. Guidelines of competence development in the study field of English philology. 2012. Vilnius: Vilnius university, 59 pages.

7. Hasselgreen A., Kalėdaitė V., Maldonado N., Pizorn K. 2011. Assessment of young learner literacy linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Council of Europe Publishing. 55 pages.

8. Vihalemm T., Siiner M., Dabašinskienė  I., Kalėdaitė V. 2011. The changing patterns of foreign language use and attitudes in the Baltic states. In: Estonian human development report 2010/2011: Baltic way(s) of human development: Twenty years on, pp135-138.

9. Hasselgreen A., Kalėdaitė V., Maldonado N., Pizorn K. 2011. Empowering language professionals. Language teaching 44 (3): 400-401.

10.        Kalėdaitė V., Pieczulis J. 2010. Hedging devices in English and Lithuanian linguistic research articles. Darbai ir dienos 54: 227-237. Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University.

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