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Valentina Ciriello

Associate Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/01 Hydraulics


Keywords: groundwater hydraulics porous media management of water withdrawals urban water system reduction of water losses water saving in agriculture water-energy nexus geothermal energy biomedical applications surrogate models response surface method design optimization risk analysis global sensitivity analysis machine learning polynomial chaos expansion dynamic mode decomposition transfer learning

Reduced-order models. Response surface methods (Polynomial Chaos Expansion); Dynamic Mode Decomposition; Machine Learning; Transfer learning; Multi-fidelity data.

Uncertainty quantification. Risk analysis; Global sensitivity analysis.

Flow and transport processes. Flow and transport in porous and fractured media; Groundwater hydrology; Seawater intrusion; Nitrate contamination; Multiphase flow; Complex rheology.

Water-Energy-Agriculture Nexus. Strategies to increase sustainability of freshwater withdrawals; optimization of water supply in agriculture. Energy and environmental efficiency of urban water systems; Reduction of water losses in the water supply network; Geothermal energy; Hydropower; satellite data.

Biomedical applications. CFD and meta-modeling to predict cardiovascular diseases.



Supervision Activity:

Jul 2022 - Jun 2023, Supervisor of Master Student, Project: "Modeling and analysis of water treatment processes" (12 months)

Sept 2021 - Aug 2022, Supervisor of Postdoc, Research Project: "Analysis of blood flow to predict disease progression" (12 months)

Aug 2019 - Aug 2020, Supervisor of Postdoc, Research Project: "Numerical modeling of groundwater nitrate contamination and evaluation of impact on water withdrawals" (13 months)

May 2019 - Oct 2020, Supervisor of Master Student, Research Project: "Impact of climatic conditions on pipe breaks in water supply networks: development of modeling tools, definition of risk indicators and implementation in GIS environment" (18 months)

Apr 2018 - Sept 2019, Supervisor of Master Student, Research Project: "Innovative monitoring and modeling strategies and meta-modeling techniques for water saving in agriculture" (18 months)


Nov 2021 - Oct 2024, Supervisor of PhD Student, PhD thesis: "Data-driven approaches and meta-modeling for diagnostic research in hydraulic-related problems"

Nov 2020 - Oct 2023, Supervisor of PhD Student, PhD thesis: "Forecast of failures in natural and artificial hydraulic networks"

Nov 2015 - Oct 2018, Supervisor of PhD Student, PhD thesis: "Sustainable groundwater management based on probabilistic risk analysis"

Jan 2012 - Dec 2014, Co-supervisor of PhD Student, PhD thesis: "Dynamics of coastal aquifers: data-driven forecasting and risk analysis"

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