Foto del docente

Tomaso Trombetti

Full Professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ICAR/09 Structural Engineering

Curriculum vitae

Full Professor at the Università di Bologna, his research studies focus on structural engineering with special attention to seismic engineering, conceptual design of structures and innovative construction systems.

His most recent research contributions are related to innovative dissipative bracing (either viscous or hysteretic) wich led to the identification of a “ductile” mortar" to be used in dissipative masonry infill.

Also the application of additive manufacturing and 3D printing to civil construction is a currente field of research


He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Bologna in 1991 and continued his studies at the University of California at Berkeley and at Rice University, where he obtained a Ph. D. in civil engineering in 1997.

Academic careeer

In 1998 he is assistant professor at the School of Engineering of the Unvieristy of Bologna. In 2005 he became Associate professor at the School of Architecture of the same university. In 2022 he is appointed full professor.

Financed research projects

He is recipient of various national and international research grants, among which:

Seismic behaviour of structures equipped with viscous dampers, from 2010 to 2016, “Reluis”, with funding from the Italian Civil Protection.

“SESICOWA seismic behaviour of concrete wall structures” (financed under the “Series Transnational access”, European fund 2010-2012).

“ASESGRAM” seismic behaviour of silos containing grain like material (financed under the “Series Transnational access, European fund 2010-2013).

Innovative anti-seismic masonry (financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development - Industria 2015, 2011-2015).

“Rigers” web based seismic vulnerability assessment platform (financed under the “Smart Cities”, fund, Italian Ministry of Research MIU 2014 2016).

“Zero” new component for ductile mortar (POR FESR Regione Emilia Romagna, 2016-2018)

2022 PRIM Meso scale column built with additive manufacturing (national coordinator)

Scientific activities

Author of more than 350 scientific papers, published in either international journals (EESD, JEE, JSV, BEE, SEM, EAS, MAS etc) and conference proceedings, 5 books and book chapters.

more than 150 indexed papers (Scopus). H index, Scopus = 24, total number of citations = more than 2000.

Member of the scientific committee for the conservation of the Duomo di Modena (Unesco Monument).

Scientific supervisor for the conservation of the Asinelli and Garisenda Towers in Bologna.

Member of the “Scientific Editorial board” of the journal “Earthquakes and Structures”, Techno Press.

Associate Editor of the journal “Frontiers in Built Environment”; EPFL Lausanne.

Topic editor for the Research Topic “Seismic Risk Reduction in Developing Countries" - “Frontiers in Built Environment”; EPFL Lausanne.

Referee of the following international journals:

Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE), Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, (Wiley), Engineering Structures (Elsevier), Journal of Sound and Vibration (Elsevier), Earthquake Spectra (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute), Bullettin of Earthquake Engineerin (Springer), Earthquakes and Structures (Techno Press), The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings (Wiley), Structural Control and Health Monitoring (Wiley), Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (Elsevier), Journal of Earthquake Engineering (Taylor & Francis), Construction and Building Materials (Elsevier), Ain Shams Engineering Journal, (Elsevier), Structural Control and Health Monitoring (Wiley), Structural Engineering and Mechanics (Techno Press), Mathematical Problems in Engineering.

Scientific Achievements

Visiting Research Scientist at the University of California at San Diego for the shake down and commissioning tests of the shake table LHPOST ( ).

Member of the “Consiglio di Dottorato di Ricerca” of the shool of architecture and engineering of the University of Bologna since 2010.

Scientific coordinator of the ’Osservatorio “Claudio Ceccoli” on defects in building structures, Centro Dipartimentale of the Department DICAM of the University of Bologna.

Reviewer for the National evaluation of the Quality in Research (VQR) for the national association for the evaluation of the research in university (ANVUR), VQR 2004-2010 and VQR 2011-2014.

Other Activities

Curator of the exhibition “Pier Luigi Nervi. Architetture per lo sport”, MAXXI, Roma, February to October 2016 (

Recipient of the scholarship “Leonardo” financed by the European Community for the mutual exchange between university and companies (stage at EQE INTERNATIONAL San Francisco).

Recipient of the scholarship “Marco Polo” (incentives for the formation abroad of young researches): stage at the Advanced Technology Group in Arup (London).